Ares v. Sonya: change my mind

This is going to be slightly different since it’s more a question of emblems than utility. Ares clearly has more utility in most cases.

So I finally got the 125 emblems to get Ares to +8, but a lack of food prevented me from pulling the trigger. Now in the past I’d had emblems on Sonya then pulled them for Ares because I used her basically never used her as the Kiril > Grimm > Richard combo was so devastating, and it’s gotten more dangerous now that I have Frida.

But I’ve found myself using her more and more as a tagalong in a 3-2 stack where blue is the off color. Bringing Frida doesn’t make a whole lot of sense there, and Grimm is just so darn squishy. It’s usually Kiril-Grimm on the off color, but sometimes having Sonya is warranted.

Now I always use Ares, but the emblem demand of 5* heroes is so high and the gain so slow. Ares is my best tank, unless you can spot a better one. Tank team go!

(Airhawk and DaveSonneberg are mortal enemies on proper Guardian Owl positioning, but Dave made a convincing case that Owl might be a decent tank. I digress.)

Now having a beefier Ares would serve me better on Alliance Wars where he’s usually front and center, but Sonya would be faster to bring up to snuff in diamond raids, so I’m thinking of diverting emblems to Sonya until she’s better equipped to bring to diamond.

If anyone has an objections to this union, speak now or forever hold your peace.

  • Keep going with Ares!
  • :man_shrugging:t2: Sonya is fine. Ares can take a break.

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Like I said many times before, Ares is an offensive hero. Great, but only in attack. As tank, I found him so useless. Not a great defense like other paladins. And his best special is for crit, useless in defense. A BT +18 is even better than Ares. Same boost at attack, but for all allies. Can revive and believe me, he revives a lot. One time did it 5 times in a row during a battle. Besides is a real healer. Ares regenerates over time; easily can be dispelled. Being a passive tank like him, actually helps a lot the opponent. Just minor damage to inflict and after he fires it is enough time for dispelling. I have both, Ares and Richard. I would never give emblems to Ares, though I really love this hero. But Richard is sturdier and more important, is lethal. Just choose only the attack in the grid and with that percentage is a killer. And he’s great not only in defense. I’ll tell you what I did. Sonya +11, only the left path. Now she has a nice attack too. Rest of the emblems to Richard. When I go with him, Magni and Sonya, Ares doesn’t stand a chance. That’s why I love Ares so much. It is great for my attack. It’s even greater when I meet him in combat as tank. Easy wins :slight_smile:

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Paladins… oh what I’d give for more Paladins. I have three. Sonya. Cyprian. Prisca. But I have Sonya at +19 talent, and with one or two other ice heroes, she is quite deadly.

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So I decided to give Sonya the bump and let Ares chill at the bar for a bit.

I have the luxury of having a ton of great paladins to choose from, and of the set, Ares is my most versatile. Ares, Frida, Richard, Queen of Hearts, Justice I suppose. So Ares gets them.

Yeah Ares isn’t the best tank for a variety of reasons, but of my tank team and spending level and goals, he’s the best for me. I plan to flank him with Seshat once I get that 6th tabard. The best defensive lineup with Ares is having fast or dangerous multi hits like Kadilen, Seshat, and his best girl ever Zeline, so that in the probable chance he goes off before dying, the flanks can punish the enemy team. And I think the +crit helps on slash attacks but am unsure.

My best defensive lineup is this:

Which I know isn’t ideal, but that’s where I’m at with the bench I’ve got. :man_shrugging:t2:

Assuming I pull nothing better, this is the best defense I’m hoping for with the heroes I’ve got:

Thanks for the votes all!

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