Frigg or the hatter?

I’m deciding who to give tonics to. I believe I’m leaning toward frigg. She’s on so many of the top 100 teams. I just feel she may be more useful overall. That said, I don’t really have a dispeller. The fact the hatter hits for 400%, debuffs and then redistributed the buff to random allies is just awesome. Also, my only green 5 star levelled is toxicandra, the only other green on deck is gonglach and I have pretty much no defense down heroes. So it’s a tough choice.

I know these threads can get redundant, so I appreciate whoever chimes in.

I completed FriGG first & then the Hatter
becoz of

  • the number of times I use FriGG daily.
  • FriGG is useful in both Offence & defence, while Hatter is mainly offence for me.
  • I use them together in 15+ raids daily.

Do you have a 4* dispeller like Sonya or Caedmon? If yes then I say go with Frigg before Hatter, and if no, I still say Frigg before Hatter :stuck_out_tongue:

Like @dansing said, Frigg is useful in both Offense and Defense, where The Hatter is more meant for Offense. Hatter is great though, so don’t think I am saying he isn’t, Frigg is just more useful overall and in most situations.


The hatter is cool, no matter what seems better :laughing:
Congratulation to the both heros


Poll for voting:

  • Frigg
  • The Hatter
  • Conglach
  • Other/ Wait

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I agree with @dansing’s (happy second birthday, btw) reasons.

However, I have to say that I have a special love for the Hatter as he was the first 5* green hero that I got. His special is a bit tricky at the beginning, as he must be used at the right moment, but he definitely deserves the tonics as well.


No doubt! My Hatter is LB’d and sitting at 85 and of course fully emblemed. He is too unique to ignore IMO.


Hatter is also useful in buff tourney, when usable

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I would go with Frigg as she will be good for titans,defence and offence. She was top hero for like a year.

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Honestly, and I have Frigg at +20 and on LB …. Focus on her. You will use her endlessly and she will serve you well.
But whichever hero you choose good luck


My Hatter is at LB-85 & is the best dispeller in the game
He brings all buffs home for use…

It’s super fun stealing opposite riposte to later kill them.

After LoLo, Hatter is my favourite for all round play against any hero.


@Ugk26 how are you finding Frigg after using her the last few months? I finally pulled her today (after way too many pulls but I went a bit hard as I needed Freya too so there were greater odds of pulling a new hero lol). I’m thinking of ascending her next but wanting your thoughts?

I think frigg on defense is amazing. I still use her quite a bit in that capacity. I almost never take her on offense mainly because I have better options. But she’s still great even now imho.

Just did 200 S5 got a dupe Khepri and a couple S1s. I’m going to have to come back, portal is cold, lol.

Congrats on frigg and good luck with S5. I want the pretty green lady BAD and SG knows it lol.

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Thanks @Ugk26, I guess I wasn’t sure as I seem to see more El Naddaha on top defenses than I do Frigg. But she still sounds fairly useful.

Oh bad luck on S5! I tried for her too and only got a dupe Khepri as well haha. I won’t be lucky this portal since the odds are against me, but if you need the green lady too then at least you have slightly better odds :sweat_smile: