Frigg or Zocc?

Had the great fortune of receiving both Frigg and Zocc recently. Now I’m faced w the decision of which to level.

Have 4 max greens already in Lianna-c x2, Kingston and Rata. The first 3 will likely remain my main nature raiders. Rata comes out situationally and in war.

Love the POTENTIAL of Frigg, but her special could be a dud too.

Love Zoccs special, but the mana speed Is a concern.

Anyone out there who could offer advice/experience re these 2 newer heroes?

Uh, Frigg without a doubt. She’s borderline OP…don’t hesitate with this one. It’s not close and I’m one of the few that actually likes Zocc!


As long as Frigg is not nerfed, Frigg definitely.

Frigg and it isn’t even close.


Zocc is garbage.

Frigg does sound better.
But I just love how people without any relevant, personal experience contribute such informative commentary such as “xxx hero is garbage”


I got Zocc chasing Frigg…

I think it will be a buff on this hero. Then I will think to feed him.

With this new meta, this hero is absolutely unnecesary. Bad special damage, insubstantial special…there are a lot of best choices for green 5* heroes.

Great on titans. Great in pve. Good on raids. Thats what i have found from using him before he even got to 4/80. Oh the contrary todays meta is not about high damage as there are no more insta kills. It is now all about controlling the match, or at least that is my own experience with my stable of heroes. Maybe the top end rosters play a different style of game

I only found and joined the forum in January and I remember being sooooo confused when reading about how bad Vela was. She was just the 5th 5* I’d scored from summons and thought she seemed amazing and was excited to level her up.

Oh how perspectives change :rofl:

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As for the OP question, I posed the same in the alliance + friends Line chat I’m in.

One of the members of a top 100 alliance who graces us with her presence said she’s maxed and emblemed Zocc, and thinks he’s great; but encouraged me to go with Frigg.

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That sounds like sage advice all around

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That is exactly why I filter out the voices that scream loudest, usually from a place of ignorance.