📯 Offers – Season 3 (Valhalla)

This thread is for tracking, discussion, and analysis of the Season 3 Valhalla Offers.

While the amounts and items included are unique, the offer format is similar to the New Challenge Event Offers Discussion (January 2020).

:money_mouth_face: Offers

Prices in AUD including taxes


Original Offers -- Replaced in March 2021.

Prices in USD before taxes


:money_with_wings: Analysis of Offers

There are many ways to evaluate the value of offers, depending on your priorities and budget.

Below I present one way of comparing different offers, by converting them to Gem equivalents, and evaluating the price per 100 Gems for each.

This method of evaluation allows determining the relative pricing of different offers for comparison, but doesn’t take into account other critieria, like Gems being more flexible for use than Valhalla Coins or WE Flasks, which can only be used for their specific purpose.

I’ve also included some other common offers that have particularly good pricing under this evaluation system, so you can compare them.

Offer Gem Equivalent $/100 Gems (USD before tax)
3000 gems + 1000 coins + 10 WE flasks for $29.99 7000 $0.43
300 coins + 2 WE Flasks for $3.99 (or $4.49?) 1250 $0.32 (or $0.36)
400 gems + 25 coins for $1.99 475 $0.42
400 gems + 100 coins for $3.99 700 $0.57
250 coins for $2.99 750 $0.40

offers below are for comparison
200 gems for $0.99
Challenge Event #1
200 $0.50
500 gems + 5 WE Flasks for $4.99
Challenge Event #3
1000 $0.50
400 gems + 25 coins for $1.99
Atlantis #1
475 $0.42
350 gems + 300 coins + 3 WE Flasks + 30 Loot Tickets for $9.99
Atlantis #2
1820 $0.55
300 gems + 5 Costume Keys for $2.99
Wardrobe Wonder
600 $0.50
700 gems + EHT + ETT for $4.99
Christmas Mystery
1120 $0.45
300 gems + EHT for $2.99
Heavenly Treasures
560 $0.53
200 gems + ETT for $1.99
Flash Offer or Stardust
360 $0.55
1000 gems + 1 WE Flask + 100 Loot Tickets for $9.99
It’s Raining Loot Tickets
2000 $0.50
400 gems + EHT + 5 Challenge Coins + 50 Atlantis Coins for $3.99
Cyber Monday
960 $0.42

All coins, tokens, and keys evaluated based on the unit cost of a 10-pull. Their value is higher if using valuation for a single Summon, but I’m not that generous. They could also be evaluated lower, based on the unit price in a 30-pull when applicable. WE Flasks valued at 100 gems, based on gem refill price. Loot Tickets are values at 9 gems, based on comparative pricing of offers with Loot Tickets.


No free tokens/summons…!!! This is preposterous!!


I thought we would receive something like a gift to celebrate the new season…


I thought we might too, I was a little surprised not to see anything.


I purchased only one of the offers available .

One of the things that stoped me to do more summons is that JF is still there …
I wish It were already march


Can anyone elaborate on what the rest of the offers will be? Trying to determine if I should wait for all and then summon since there are three different summon amounts and values.

Thank you!

Welcome to the Forum!

Unfortunately, no.

Offers aren’t shown in Beta, so we have no way to know what the others will be yet.

But there’s really no reason not to just wait — you can purchase offers from previous days, as long as it’s before the end of the event.

So you can wait to see what comes up, decide what you’d like to buy, and then Summon after that.

Really the only consideration at all is whether you want to Summon while Jean-François is the HOTM, or after it switches to Telluria.


Yeah, I am waiting until Sunday for exactly that reason. Painful considering good chance that you get 3* from S3 and these 3* being worth a damn (Kvasir and Nordri especially). Also, Mist is cute.

On topic, the first offer is basically Atlantis deal which is one of best deals there is (even moreso because Valhalla tokens cannot be had anywhere else except from S3, unlike Atlantis coins). Hopefully next days will be interesting.


so double the price for 75 valhalla coins…

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Yeah, doesn’t seem like a very good deal to me — though I can see the thinking, based on other offers.

This has always been the issue — almost any offer is a worse deal when compared to the best-price gem deals from Atlantis and Challenge Events (and now Valhalla).

The only thing that makes it a good deal for some people is the scarcity. If someone has exhausted the better deals and still wants to spend more money, then this is still a better option than gems in the Shop, or some of the other offers.

But for people who only want to buy the best deals, or who have sufficiently limited budgets, they can just buy better offers.

The more you spend, the more appealing (and necessary) it becomes to buy less-advantageous offers. So I’m sure this will sell well for plenty of people.

It’s just not a good offer for someone like me in particular.


This 3rd offer seems fairly interesting. No gems, all coins. A first? Makes it slightly harder to compare without crunching numbers, but I think it’s worth it (when compared with the 1st deal)? What do you think zeph.

Certainly the idea that you can do individual pulls instead of a 30-pull is IMO a good thing (could be tedious for people who do hundreds of pulls though).

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10 pulls for about 15 bucks is about half the price of a 10 by gems.


I think it’s a good price. You get more than from 2nd offer if you’re interested solely in Valhalla Summons, and Valhalla coins cannot be obtained in any other ways except by finishing storyline, where only limited amount is available. Compared to the 1st offer, 1st offer allows you 1.5 summons from 10x summon, while other 2.5 summon while being about 50% more expensive, so it is slightly worse, but still very good (considering the first one is probably the best offer).

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It’s an excellent offer — as long as your intention is to Summon on Valhalla.

Obviously having Valhalla Coins instead of gems doesn’t provide flexibility in where you use them.

That aside, buying the 4x 250 Valhalla Coins would give enough for 10 single pulls.

We can evaluate the value of that as 3000 gems (I’m not generous enough to call it 3500) — and even at the usual cheapest price around 1/2 cent per gem (USD), this would still be cheaper at $12 instead of $15.

And this has the added advantage of being able to pull one at a time at that price, which is useful so you can stop if you get what you want, and so you can finish off a Bonus Chest that you’ve started with earned Valhalla Coins.

To get a little more specific:

Offer Gem Equivalent $/100 Gems (USD before tax)
400 gems + 25 coins for $1.99 475 $0.42
400 gems + 100 coins for $3.99 700 $0.57
250 coins for $2.99 750 $0.40
200 gems for $0.99 (Challenge Event) 200 $0.50
300 gems + 5 Costume Keys for $2.99 (Wardrobe Wonder) 600 $0.50
700 gems + EHT + ETT for $4.99 (Christmas Mystery) 1120 $0.45
400 gems + EHT + 5 Challenge Coins + 50 Atlantis Coins for $3.99 (Cyber Monday) 960 $0.42
300 gems + EHT for $2.99 (Heavenly Treasures) 560 $0.53
200 gems + ETT for $1.99 (Flash Offer or Stardust) 360 $0.55

All coins, tokens, and keys evaluated based on the unit cost of a 10-pull. Their value is higher if using valuation for a single Summon, but I’m not that generous. They could also be evaluated lower, based on the unit price in a 30-pull when applicable.

From that, we can see that this is the best unit price on Summons of the three offers so far, and also beats out some of the other best offers — so again, as long as the intention of buying offers is for Valhalla Summons, and not flexible use of gems elsewhere, this is an excellent deal.


I’ve updated the top post of this thread with an analysis of all 4 of the Offers.

As a quick observation, 3 of the 4 of these have some of the best valuations of any offers typically available on a frequent recurring basis — it would appear to me that the intention is to encourage spending by providing regular access to attractive offers.

Combined with additions to offers around Atlantis, Challenge Events, and the Costume Chamber; as well as VIP and Valor Pass; a player could now spend quite a lot more per month on “the best deals” than used to be possible.


What are the equivalent prices in Euro?

Usually add 10% and change the $ into €. It’s never one on one.