I want to get 11,000 gems fast and as cheap as possible

Hello, I want to get 11,000 gems fast and as cheap as possible and am wondering if anybody can help me? What should I do? I am not familiar with deals and offers and events, perhaps someone can give me a general idea on what to do, what general offers to lookout for for the upcoming months and what I should do to go about piling 11,000 gems the fastest and cheapest way possible.

Is there a calendar of previous and future offers for a particular month that I can look at and get an idea?

These are somewhat mutually exclusive.

The best deals are capped at fairly low quantities, so to buy gems the cheapest, you need to buy the best deals over time.

If you prefer speed, you’ll need to buy less good deals to get them sooner.

No, and many of the offers aren’t predictable in advance, but the recurring ones during Challenge Events, Atlantis, Valhalla, and other monthly events normally repeat each month.

Those are detailed here:


Do you have a need for a particular accession item? I feel they’ve been providing the ‘choose your item’ offer quite a bit lately, though maybe it’s not as often as I’m thinking it is. This comes with some gems - not 11k, but some.

Hello, thank you for your reply.

I understand what you mean and I do not want to wait. It is going to take me about 6 months to get there, but I am thinking within the next couple of months is my target. Do you think there will be enough deals and offers within the next few months for me to reach my goal and to stay under triple digits for my budget?

Thank you for for the links! I will check them out.

Hey there, thanks for your answer.

Not really, but if a deal is okay and it has an AM that I think I can use soon, I am willing to get it. I’ve seen those deals also.

Since you have time, recommend capitalizing on the initial Atlantis deal each month. You get 400 gems for $1.99 (2 gems per penny, or however that translates to your currency of use), plus 25 Atlantis coins. Can buy 5 of those (I believe maxes at 5) - so can get 2,000 gems for one of the better rates the game offers.

Plus the Valhalla offer @zephyr1 linked as well - first one each time is similar.

/Final Edit! - with those offers, $55-$60 for the 11k should be very possible.

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If you buy all the first-day atlantis, valhalla, and challenge event offers as well as having VIP you can get 5100 gems per month for a fairly cheap price. Valor pass will net you 700 gems and there are occasionally good deals like the dragon magic offer that will pop up. If you need the 11k gems in less than 3 months then the 300 gem challenge event or costume offers are good value as well.

I’ll sell you 11,000 gems for $40. Just give me you address so I can mail them to you and you can install them on you phone by opening the game and pouring them onto your screen.

Where did you get 5100 gems per month from? Adding all first-day Atlantis, first-day Valhalla and the first day of the challenge event and VIP, I get 3900 gems for $20 for a month. What am I missing?

Price is too good, must be scam.

Cheds is kidding mate, not scamming. You can tell by the ridiculous method of gem delivery

Oh sorry, I was being a little sarcastic myself lol


All first-day atlantis offers give you 1600 gems (400 gems per offer and 4 available)
Valhalla has the same first-day offers (but with Valhalla coins instead) so that gives you 1600 gems as well
All first-day Challenge event offers give you 1000 gems (200 gems per offer and 5 available)
That’s 4200 in total and if you add the 900 from VIP that’s 5100 gems


don’t forget sand empire event coming up. they have deals everyday for 2 weeks.

Oh I see now, thanks. I was thinking the first day offers were the 200 gems for $.99.

Are there good deals during sand empire event? Just wondering, but are the deals offered during sand empire event the same (or close to what to expect) as other events? I don’t know how the sales and timings work, I never noticed them before.

Like everything else there are some good ones and some ok ones. But it’s 2 weeks so there are plenty of opportunities along with the Valhalla, ToL, and Costume deals. You should easily get 11k gems within a month if you buy. Go ahead and start buying the current Teltoc deals too.

Thanks, I will keep my eye out during the sand empire event. I already got the Teltoc deals and spent them already.

I think you just missed the graduation sales, but you might catch the back to school sales on iTunes/ Google Play gift cards at Amazon/ Best Buy/ etc. Getting 15% to 30% discount.

How does that offer work?