Need offers map

Hello friends. I was looking for the monthy offers on forums to see where should i spent next month but only found Valhalla ones . Do you mind giving me a picture of challange and costume chamber offers?

Thanks in advance !

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Zephyr often has them listed in the FAQ for the event.

For the Costume Event: 300 gems and 5 keys for $2.99. Can be bought three times.

For Atlantis: 2 offers; the first is 400 gems and 25 Atlantis coins for $1.99. Can be bought four times. The second is 350 gems, 300 coins, 3 WE Flasks and 30 Loot Tickets for $9.99.

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I have found that topic ! Hehe It was kind of hidden thanks !

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Finally, here’s a link to the Challenge Event offers:

I have it bookmarked because you really have to try to optimize your spend in this game lol

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