📯 [April 2021] Valhalla Forever -- Discussion & Portal Stats/ Summons Results!

Per the newly merged to OP, no. You can get EITHER coins OR other stuff.

Did additional pulls today despite knowing better because those coins lured me in.
Received Thor, the only s3 legendary that i already had…
Got mad so bad that i kept pulling via gems to finally score Freya. 2k gems burned and all coins but totally worth it :rofl:


Well at least you were able to score 2 5* :slight_smile: I ended doing 13 pulls so far but Mist and Brynhild were my only 4* noteworthy, still no 5* I just feel like giving up :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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It takes time. I used to have over s3 100 pulls and no legendary.
Right now I’m used to the fact that without pulling around 50 times I can’t count on 5*…

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Can you confirm the Valhalla deal change?

Didn’t it used to be 250 Valhalla coins (4 available) for $3.99 CAD/each, then for the first Valhalla forever they changed it to 500 coins (2 available) for $7.99 (?) CAD/each. Now at 300 coins (5 available) for $5.49 CAD/each. Is it not a worse deal for pulls?

I can’t remember the price of the second change, but I thought it was a better deal than the original 250 coin offer. Now it seems we’ve backslid.

Last month it was also 300 Coins + 2 WE Flasks

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Think I’ve done close to 100 pulls over the last 7 months. I got a lot of the nice 4* like Gulli, Mist etc. but I still wouldn’t mind a nice 5* :sunglasses:

So I’m imaging the 500 Valhalla coin offer? I need more Coffee this morning. Thanks!

For me Valhalla is kind of a lucky portal. I have 4 5*s 3 of which i got from free coin pulls (Heimdall, Lady Loki, Norns). But dont worry what goes around comes around, challenge event pulls are the bane of my existence, i did over 100 pulls on the guardians alone and all i got was 2 falcons and 1 Gazelle.

Well I didn’t get yesterday’s £28.99 offer as cutting back on S3 but today’s £3.99 for 300 coins and 2 flasks did tempt me in so £20 dropped for 15 pulls and 10 more flasks for my push on finishing hard mode.

I always throw summons in expecting nothing exciting but S3 portal has been silly good to me. Considering my rubbish luck in most of the event portals (3 total from now 6 of them) and only just Lepus from a seasonal Valhalla has been mega friendly to me.

15 pulls and I get both of the following, both new to me.

Freya is a huge pull as we are looking at purple tanks and my tank choices were pretty rubbish.

The Wolf just looks cool and I’m short on quality blue 5*. I think he’s absolutely overkill and the special isn’t amazing but used well it’s a great finisher



congrats on pull :slight_smile:

Its overkill if enemy has below 50% hp and no buffs…
Its epic kill if enemy has bellow 50% hp but has some defense up or extra minions :slight_smile:

Yeah I can see him being useful. I have 12 scopes so after Lepus it’s Fenrir or Frosth. Both have uses

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Congratulations on your summons.

Freya also came to me this Valhalla, as did Frosth. I suspect they may be kinda good together.

I have Fenrir maxed, and he’s great on offense. Fits in great with my blue stack. If you’re running any def debuffs or another sniper, its easy to use him as an exceptional finisher. Not sure who I would choose between him and Frosth - Both will be very useful maxed.

Hurray for good luck on summons!

It is red. It is a legendary! It must be Lady Loki!!


Tryed to 10-pull.
Not hero i wanted, but in the end happy to get Lord Loki, i belive it will be real fun to play with.
Anyway fitst time i got two 5* out of 10pull.
Lepus will go to bench for some time, Loki will get the scopes.


Lord Loki is indeed very fun to use, and saved my poor a*s several times in raid attack. Use him with Sif or Brynhild to buff him and make him virtually fast, and you will enjoy him.

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Lucky but I won’t bet on it again :rofl::joy:


Crazy what’s going on?!!!

:rofl::joy: I had to bet again but no more :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Buy a ticket lottery now. :grin::grin:

Congrats for Freya and Thor.

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Thanks :smiley::smiley::smiley:

I was trying to avoid spending any more $$:rofl::rofl::joy: