🏅 [Nov 10, 2019] 30th Raid Tournament! — 5* Bloody Battle, No Fire/Red

I set what I have… all fast hitter…

Any advice are very welcome.


@Olmor Yeah, I would say that is a you shall not charge team. :joy::joy::joy:

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@jinbatsu You have anyone that can increase defense?

Kiril+1, Magni (already max, not yet emblemed) and Vivica 3.70?

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Best I can offer, let’s wait and see.

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I would swap Evelyn and Grimm for applying defense down to enemies first.

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This is the type of tournament where I likely lose in day 2 or day 3 and I end up with E on defense.

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Been lucky with green HOTMs. So here’s mine.


I typically do horribly in 5* Bloody Battle, since I’m usually attacking up with 4* heroes and Unemblemed 5*, and normally rely on healers to make that work.

So I kinda figure it doesn’t matter a ton what I put up for Defense.

But I’m debating between just going with fast hitters, which seems to be effective in Bloody Battle, or trying to take advantage of the color restriction…which usually seems to not actually work out very well, since added survivability is only worth so much.


Minions work so should I go Seshat over kage?

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Kage is nice for the speed and hard initial hit, but he may have a harder time finishing off damaged targets depending on their health.

Seshat has the nice advantage of survivability from Minions, which can be hard to finish off if she gets going. The dispel doesn’t hurt either.

If you were going to use Kage, I’d consider putting him in flank, even despite the color restriction benefits. I think he’d be more useful there. Seshat in wing should be fine.


This is what I’m going with.

I do have an Elkanen tank, but he has no emblems and is dubious in Bloody Battle, so I’m not even including him. Goal is to beat down opponents before they can recover. We’ll see.

Hoping to get top 25%. :crossed_fingers:


My Defence Team

Aim to get around the A to B range in defence.

Will be playing it mainly be ear… I usually take GM into these cause of the speed and DOT… Grazul has also been handy with the status blocker but both aren’t allowed.

I’m likely to run 3-2 (maybe 4-1) with Green as the main colour. The other colours will depend on the defence but likely will be Drake Fong & Onatel OR Arthur and Grimm.
Greens would be: Lianna (+9), Yunan (+9), Morgan Le Fay (+11) and Evelyn (3/70).


I’m taking a chance. Going 4 green with a strong “tank” in the flank position. I know elk doesn’t heal but he has decent stats. Be interesting if Kingston’s mana gain gets initiated.


5* tourneys suck for me, and since I tend to grind things out with healers, Bloody Battle is a challenge. Just hoping to get a non-failing grade on D with:

Proteus - Isarnia - Cyprian - Delilah - Kadilen (4.61)

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I’m not good at 5* tournaments, but this one is…ridiculous…

At least 2 automatic defenses with many healers - one with Sabina and Kiril and now one with Rigard, Kiril and Sabina…nice, I have a chance to win, but on the other hand it’s annoying…

One loss so far…

Day Win Loss Defense Points
1 4 1 0 C 2743

My first opponent had Vivica tank and I brought 3 healers. Totally forgot about bloody battle. Nevertheless I won all 5 today. Crazy, eh?

Fastened QuadSpeedClip:

Def was attacked once and lost.
Rank 906 now definitely going down due to def E and more players using their flags.


Might have been another automatically set up defense? Seem to be many this time…Vivica as tank makes no sense at all to me.


I had one with Melendor and Rigard both off on wing. Which was nice for me. (Four wins on day one.)


Day 1: 3-2 attack, 50%. rank. Isarnia and Kadilen tanks hurt me here. It is what it is; hopefully it goes better tomorrow.

Defense is as follows and is 2-0 so far:


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