Noob F2P Question: 2 healers?

Been at it about 4 months and am having fun and doing pretty well. Haven’t gotten good enough yet at adjusting my team to meet the enemy, I usually just ride my strongest team. I have some nice 4* and 5*, I’ve jacked them up pretty high but as you can figure, they aren’t maxxed out due to lack of ascension materials.

My horses have been C-Belith (fully maxxed/emblemed) and Boril (almost fully emblemed.) I also use Joon, Tahir, and Tibertus, all jacked pretty high.

My other quality players are Gunnar (maxxed), Kvasir (maxxed, love him), Little John (sooooo slow), Wu Kong (reminds me of my little league days: whiff, whiff, whiff, let’s get ice cream), then your basic Oberon/Bane/Nashgar. I have Wilbur who I am about to start levelling up.

Here is my Q: I just pulled Ana-Belle, and am starting to level her as high as I can. I am planning on swapping her for Tibertus when she’s up there, giving me two healers who can hopefully keep Joon alive. But this takes away my hitting power.

Should I go with two healers? This is for quests/normal raids/stages. I throw my biggest hitters at titans, and my tournament raid teams are hapless.

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I sometimes use 2 healers. its all about who you are facing. For raids, by and large I have 3 heroes that are basically set in stone, my best hitter, best healer and best defensive. The other two I swap out as the opponent dictates. I have Ana-Belle too. she seems like she would do well against the Boril types. Only issue I have is she seems to also take away your buffs. so you would have to learn to fire in proper order with her

I often use 2 healer teams for defence, especially war def. Not so often in attacking team, but it depends who I am attacking, in the final stages of S4 it would be impossible for me to finish them without 2 healers (Rigard + Marie Therese).
Anyway, ascend as many healers as you can, until you have at least 6 healers on 4/5* level, and at least one in each color.
For future, you will need 5 healers in each color for elemental quests, but this is far away at the moment :wink:

Yep 2 healers in almost every situation is ideal. In the long term you can aim to have a primary healer and a secondary healer (meaning they offer something other than healing but their healing is still welcome)

Healers are by far the most useful hero in the game as they allow your other heroes to thrive.

But too many healers in a team is also probably not good as you need heroes that are strong enough to “break through” or burst defences or bosses. So getting the balance right can be tough.

1.5 - 2 healers per team, depending on their secondary utility is probably the sweet spot


Longtime FTP here. Once I got to the point that I could raid with a mono team, I was content to go with one healer. Raids, especially mono raids, are often over before healers can fire very often anyway. You either win fast or you lose fast. But in all other contexts, I still like to run two healers. Slow and steady wins the race.

Good luck, and welcome to the game. Stop by the FTP Rebellion thread for more FTP-centric advice and conversation, with more than a little bit of nonsense mixed in.


I agree with most of what’s above (esp. @Noble_Weasel’s invitation to the FTP rebellion). I like running 1.5 healers when I can-I count someone like Boldtusk as .5 healers since his heal is fairly low and his attack boost is great, but since Boril is one of your main healers, extra healing is good. Any time you rely on taking damage to deal damage (Boril’s Riposte), you want to think about bringing extra healers!


Hmm yaah kinda new and lacking ascension materials …
Its going be a while before you ascend them … Can you clear rare events with 3* as that gives mats aswell as quests … Level 5* takes alot of resources 4* at your level too…
Maybe screen shot yah roster and folk can give bit of advice on what to level …

Back to yah question i do run 2 healers in war and offence i do a 3-1-1.
The ones are healers and 3 strong same colour with good synergy with each other …

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I generally run 2 healers every war attack and have been on seasosn 5 stages cause those guys hit like trucks. Many healers also give utility, dispel, cleanse, defense down, attack up etc. So I didn’t them very useful for the support as well.

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Since you are running counterattack you definitely need more than 1 healer. I remember early on I played counterattack with 3 healers, and 1 hitter. Against teams with no healers I played counterattack + 4 healers :slight_smile:
As I got better heroes I switched healers out and added more damage, but I still use 2 healers in my main counterattack team, another fun counter team has 1 big healer and 3 heroes that do partial/pseudo healing.
Other teams vary but usually 1 or 2 healers is most common.

Here is my team.
Looks like I’m making the right choice moving up another healer.
Now with this new fated portal, I have my eyes on Ariel.

The rest

Melandor is perfect for the riposte defense. and that purple lady who is like Melandor but whose name I cannot remember.

Sabina. cSabina is amazing.

I use 2 healers quite often. An overhealer, such Gullinbursti, paired with a cleansing healer, Such as Rigard, works wonders for me. I tend not to take 2 healers who are pretty much identical though

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:

From your 3* the following are definitely worth maxing:

  • Waqas
  • Brienne
  • cUlmer
  • Mnesseus/cMnesseus
  • Helo
  • cHawkmoon
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My first four star healer was costume Kashhrek - a nearby overhealer like Celidana. I did not get another four star healer for a long time, so I used costume Kashhrek to protect another weaker healer and sometimes another weaker hero. Now, I sometimes use costume Kashhrek next to Boril - overheal plus counterattack can be great. You could always try that once Celidana is leveled up a bit more. I am not sure how it will work with her since she has that added defense with overheal.

I would definitely recommend two healers. I as good as always have two healers in any attack team during war. I once raided to number 1 position globally, mostly using a team with 3 healers.
To not be dependent on one single colour to heal is a big plus.
Just make sure that you also bring along somebody who can do enough damage on the specific team you are facing.

Good gaming!

great insight here. anecdotally, I know a lot of players who bring two players tend to stack 4-1 or 3-2, with one healer per color as a safety net.

mono raids are often over faster because tiles have more power (vs. you only having one usable color), so…