4* heroes dilemma : too much healers!

Hello there,

I’m looking for a little help with my team. It’s a bit hard for me to find which 4* heroes to priorize since I currently have more healers than a really need !

I’m playing everything : raids, titans, wars. No real priority !

Currently, I have :slight_smile:

  • 4* - Gormek - 4/70 (5 emblems)
  • 4* - Kiril - 4/70 (3 emblems)
  • 4* - Triton - 3/60
  • 4* - Boril - 3/60
  • 4* - Chao - 3/53
  • 4* - Rigard - 3/39
  • 4* - Sumitoto - 3/38
  • 4* - Kiril #2 - 3/1
  • 4* - Kashhkrek - 2/38
  • 4* - Melendor - 1/1 (just pulled)
  • 3* - Belith - 3/50 (8 emblems)
  • 3* - Kailani - 3/50 (10 emblems)

My main team for now is (from LEFT to RIGHT) : Kiril - Triton - Gormek - Belith - Chao. It allows me to be around 1600 trophies, 20k titan dmg and helps me grab team between 90-100 pts in war. Not that bad.

The easiest choice would be to replace Belith with Melendor when he will be around 3/60.
But Rigard hits the door and is a great 4* hero ! And Boril has already been replaced by Triton.

I cannot find a good way to improve my team. Rigard seems to be stronger than Melendor, but do I need more a cleaner than a debuffer ? And I cannot align Rigard, Melendor and Kiril in the same team ^^

Have you any idea to help me find the strongest team right now ?

You have the opposite problem to what I had to start, only had one four star healer for so long.you kind of have too many!

I think from your list a defense could be

Gormek Triton Kashrek Kiril Chao.

At least that has a way to kill the enemy, and the heal buff with two healers is pretty strong. If they stack red for Kash, it will be weak on the flanks. I don’t love Chao but you do need some damage instead of more healers. Maybe Sumitomo in the right corner would be better?


Mele Gormie Kiril Sumi Rigs

There won’t be too many healers. They are your supporters and will help to complete stronger quests and events.

One can never have too much defense.

You can either go sustainability or offence. My suggestion is a mix

Triton - Kiril - Gormek - Kash/Rigard - Chao


Thanks for your help right now.

Seems that Melendor is not the one who is the most loved for this team. Plus, I start from zero with him right now. I think I will upgrade it later, for war purposes.

Additional information : seems that I have the material to ascende Rigard, Kash, Melendor and Chao at the same time.

What is sure right now

  • Kiril is a must have for me
  • Have tested Triton and found him powerful
  • Rigard tend to be used longer than Kash or Melendor
  • Kash as tank defenser is very powerful (don’t like to see him in opponent teams ^^)
  • Gormek, Chao and Sumitomo are average : Gormek is helpful with its debuff armor, Chao with it’s mana control and good DPS is interesting and Sumitomo is annoying (honestly, don’t find him very powerful)

Right now, I find Justab0x and Infinite teams the most interesting. I am just wondering if Rigard would not be better than Kash for his clean’s spell.

And I cannot found a good rainbow combinaison team, but I find Triton / Kiril duo better than any rainbow team that I can create right now ^^

Maybe more ideas ?! :wink:

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@Lwysiwyg, I’d replace Belith with Kash. He will help protect the heroes to either side and is a great tank for where you are in cups (probably the best nature 4* tank). His tile damage is meh but he makes up for that in toughness and his +94% defense against fire for him and his flanks. He has served me well when I was in your position, promise you won’t regret it.

Edit: I’d also change Triton for Chao for the rainbow D
Chao, Kiril, Gormek, Kash, Rigard. Yes, a lot of healer but a pita of a defense to take down. You want to look for a fast/very fast sniper to take the right wing. Maybe Caed, Scarlett etc. then you can tank Kash and flank him with Gormek and Kiril.

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Thanks :wink: Seems to be a very good rainbow defense team for WAR like this.
I have 2 bigs healers with Kiril and Rigard, 1 tank/heal support with Kash, 1 sniper with Chao and 1 debuffer with Gormek. No need to have Triton with this team.
I need to work on powering up Kash et Rigard now !

For offensive purposes, I really need something more powerful. Triton can do the job right now, but I will be blocked really soon with trophies.

You have a mix of useable teams but it depends on who you are fighting. Those other teams are good choices but from what you have and have leveled and emblemed here another team if you would like to try.

Belith - Kiril - Gormek - Boril/Triton - Chao

Gormek maxed +5 (meat shield) as tank assures he fires

Kiril maxed +3 some healing & +attack

I would go with Boril personally because of Perfect Riposte. Triton is fast & nice damage though.

Red tank flanked by 2 blue. This should assure they fire.

Chao for damage & some mana control.

Belith maxed +8 strongest 3* healer and dispells buffs from enemies. Just until you get Melendor leveled.

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