Newish player looking for team help

Hi all first post here - sorry if I mess something up.

I’m at the point in my game where I’m pretty maxed out of character space but I still only have one decent team out together. Was hoping you all could help me optimize what I have.

Current team is what I use for titans, raids, offense, defense etc so maybe that’s my first problem.

Current team
Isarnia tier 3 lvl 3
li Xiu tier 3 lvl 58
Grazul tier 2 lvl 1
Elkanen tier 2 lvl 12
Proteus tier 2 lvl 38

Viable options I have are Kellie (2x) (one is tier 4 lvl 1), Boril, danzaburo (who I really want to use?), Cyprian (who I always wanted to use?), Sonya, Tiburtus

Also have fully ascended hawk moon, bane, belith, prisca, and Ishtar. And a wide selection of untouched 3*s

Any help at all would be awesome.


I recommend leveling Li Xiu, soyna, proteus, and kelile before working on your 5*.


No love for tibby?..


First, welcome to the forums.

Second, focus on 3-4* and don’t worry about 5* yet. You’ll spend lots of resources to not be able to max them.

Li Xiu, Proteus, Tiburtus, and Sonya are your best 4*.

I’d use resources on them first, starting with those closest to finished.


Never thought about leveling up the 4s I’m not using instead of the 5s on my team. That will probably massively help out in wars and challenges.


I didn’t even realize he was good until this forum :confused:


I really like tiburtus, I would just prefer proteus first.

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I would max tiburtus as a primary titan hero. Higher survivability than 3/70 isarnia. But that’s just me. Cant go wrong leveling either first but i agree proteus and tiburtus both need leveled for sure


I generally have found maxed 4* are better than 3-70 5*, so yes, max the 4* first. Some are good enough to keep using even when you are maxing 5*, like Proteus and Tibs, Sonya for the dispell, Boldtusk and Grimm when you get them.

Boril and Cyprian are useful early-mid-game heroes with the riposte but later on there are too many ways to counter them (like Sonya’s dispell). I still use them for last flags in wars sometimes or 4* tournaments but that’s about it.

3* are useful for wars and 3* tournaments. Don’t neglect them too much.


Thanks friend. Also just got Rigard. The idea of a two healer team is cool. Definitely gonna start to level up my 4s and 3s


Rigard is also a long-term use 4* that you will be glad you have.

@Wisewordofd Rigard is also the only 4 star healer team cleanser. So he is very valuable as a team member. All the other healers are either heal only, heal and dispel enemy buffs.

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