[no summon result bragging pls] just share your teams and strategies to complete and compete the pirates event

This is a strategy thread, so please no summon results here.
Thx in advance :kissing_heart:

Do you change your teams and/or strategies for different stages?

How to beat stages faster?

Share clips and tips for noobs and nerds to complete all tiers with weaker heroes or how you get into top loot rankings.

I wish all of you a nice event and good boards to achieve your goals.


I’m thinking of using yellow-mono for the first 4 stages in rare, because there’s no need for nordri’s elemental down at that level; the hps are too low. Better to have snipers.

Then nordri gunnarC team the rest of the way. Unfortunately I don’t have 3 leveled gatos so it’ll have to be gato, ulmer, and valen.

I’m in a bit of a pickle for epic; I really need to get top 500 this time for the tonic.

But my epic team is not built up properly.

My choices are either

  1. Nordri+18 / Kiril+9 / Grimm + 11 (will add more) / Sonya 4/52 / Boril+14 (or agwe 3/60… neither is very desirable =/)
  2. Wu Kong / Wilbur / Boldtusk / Scarlett / Kelile

Guess I will have to try to see which team works better.


Rare: 5x Dawa
Epic: 5x Danzaburo/Chao
Legendary: Mix 5x Danza/Chao/Vivica

PS: It is just a plan


Okay, holy stacks of at least 2 yellows are mandatory to complete stafes with dark bosses.

Who the hell has 5 Dawa?
I kept not even one. :rofl:


When I completed this last time, yes I did change the hero line up as I went through the 15 stages.
I will change again this time because my roster has updated to include S3 heroes and my play style has changed in some circumstances because I use mono teams on occasions.
So for Rare my plan is to go mono Blue with Gunner costume, Gato, Nordi, Gato and Valen.
Epic maybe Red with Boldtusk, Guardian Falcon, Wilbur and ?
Or yellow with mist, Wu Kong, Guardian Jackal, Li Xiu and Chao
Legendary - Onatel, Joon, Leonidas, Justice and WK/GF

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I’ll complete all then keep my score so I get the we flasks all I care about! :+1:

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Mats, flasks and emblems. :sunglasses:

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I plan to stack three yellows or three reds depending on the level .
I dont know if blue is a safe bet, if its i have Grimm, Sonya and vela waiting for some action .

The healer option is a little bit though so if say that Boldtusk is mandatory for every team .

My choices would vary but are around this pool

Wu Kong , Hu tao, li xiu , Mel , little John , colen , gormek, boldstuk , Grimm Sonya and vela .

Sad that i cannot bring my purples . They are really strong with c rig proteus and tibs

I am interested in this. Although I am not going for leaderboard. Last PoC I only had a roster to finish Rare, and I was so thrilled with that. This time my goal is primarily to beat Epic and Rare. I think I have a decent enough roster and have learned a lot, and how to play (I hope lol) better thanks to everyone on here. So this is my goal, but my third objective is to complete all 3 tiers so I can max out POV.


My squads in advance:


Going with the my tried and tested 4-1 team like I did for Avalon:


Epic will also be unchanged from Avalon… Unfortunately went through a food shortage & haven’t worked on troops at all since Avalon…


Main change from avalon will be here… Tried the Mono Approach but I am pretty “item light” in legendary… As such the mono approach didn’t work too good for me.

Will probably be running a 3-2 approach with the following team:

Guardian Jackal (+15), Drake Fong (+9), Onatel (+11), Costume Elena, Black Knight (+4)


Here are my teams for the initial completion run, which hopefully will beat all stages without using items except some minor pots and antibiotics. :wink:

Mist is maxed +2 now.

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Was a total beginner the last time Pirates was on but Avalon was the first time I beat Epic and I managed to get all the way to L14 on Legendary on a not-fully-maxed 4* team.

So I will be using roughly the same method as before which was just gently stacking 3-2 or 3-1-1 or 2-2-1 depending on the level and my roster.

The good news is that a number of those ‘almost maxed’ heroes are now levelled which should give me a little more clout.

I could have probably blasted my way through that final level of Avalon if I had more items but, by the end, I was out everything, including the WE/forge level/materials to make more. This time though my forge can make Dragons and I’ve been stocking up on potions (not quite as many as I would have liked but certainly much better than last month) so I’m hoping to do much better.

Good luck, everyone. :+1:


Past discussion here that may help

working on getting bane 3 leveled then will level the costumes. I also have 2 Nahmages and a Rudolph and costumed Brienne that I’ll use for some levels. For epic I’ll probably do bt/falcon/Wilbur/Scarlett/Kelile.

Battle item to craft for passing this with different purposes please .

  1. To only pass the last stage
  2. To get a good rank
    Thanks so much

Thank you for starting this thread. Summons bragging is fine, but not helpful when I’m searching for advice on team set ups and I hate wading through multiple posts for those hidden nuggets!


Just tag @zephyr1 and @Guvnor with your questions, they welcome a lot of tagging :smiley:

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:stuck_out_tongue: My teams are posted further up :stuck_out_tongue:

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So I struggled with Pirates last time, but try to challenge for as high on the leaderboard as I can in these events. I’ll be running the following teams primarily.




I’ll play around with some alterations of mono blue and possibly mono yellow with additions like Mist and Wu to maximize scores, but those will be my main squads.

Good luck to all!

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@jinbatsu I would love to see that x5 Dawa team!!!

Anyway, I am most likely gonna run 2-2-1 depending on the stage as my rare pool is pretty extensive. I just wish my holy pool had a bit more. I will be packing at least original Brienne and Melia because Berserker’s Fury and the Atlantean Sword is a nasty combo in rare. I wish my Gan Ju was maxed along with Pixie so I could have some semblance of mana control. I am a heavy mana controller and defense down player so I kinda need to have it across all difficulties.

I really hope a 3 star mana stop hero crops up either in the next batch of season 3 heroes or in a future season.

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