Which hero’s to take?

Ok guys . Made it to the final stage of the Legendary Event. Was just trying to figure the best matchup to use from my choices. I didn’t want to waste battle items in the event I lose. Was going to take time stops, dragon atk, mana pods and heal .

I ran 3 2 for this event to try out something’s three red 2 purple went well with your line up I would go marjana, kage, anzogh, rigard, gormeck. try it on early round

your wilbur Is higher than anzogh though so he might fit bettee

I would. But mar,kage,& rigard aren’t leveled all the way. Marj ,& anzogh arent even close to par

probably should have looked at th÷ heros power levels better lol disregard the marjana all the way around lol

Lol.yes . Wasn’t on a suicide Mission

wilbur, grimm, little john, gormeck, rigard. is the strongest team I can see there that will last you to end because u need rigards cure and his speed is average. little john will slow them down and wilbur should keep him alive long enough to get his special, you also have three chances at defense down to capitalize tile damage. time stop usage will be huge and then carpet bombing should take you there.

Thank you. I agree . Was already thinking lj,& Wilbur. Just for that mana and defense control

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