Newfound respect for Kadilen

Kadilen was one of the first 5* I got, well over a year ago. I always thought she was somewhat underwhelming and underpowered compared to many of her 5* cousins, and that seemed to be the consensus on the forums too. However I have been using her more and more lately. Her special can really save your bacon, sometimes multiple times in one raid. Being fast she charges quickly, she has pretty high defense, and she can help keep the team alive until you can charge up a defense down hero (e.g. Isarnia), after which her ability suddenly hits a lot harder.

I post this just to encourage everyone to experiment with their whole roster, and don’t be too quick to dismiss a certain hero because of the general consensus. Almost everyone has their place in the right team (except you Margaret, you still suck).

Oh and Happy New Year everyone.


I agree with this statement and cant like it enough! I can usually find a use for every hero on my roster in the right situation! Gobbler is like that for me. I have played around with different teams, and whenever I take Gobbler and Wilbur together, Gobbler is usually the last man standing in Raids, assuming I lose, and rarely dies when fighting on the map!


Kadilen receive buff at March 2019. Before that she didn’t get enough respect.


Agree. After she was buffed became one of the best defensive classics in the game. Though has nice defensive stats, she is better as flank, acting as AoE and support hero all together. Not everyone has Zeline and Zimkitha (I don’t). Kadilen may have the same success with those heroines. I don’t have to level her (because I have Kingston), but Kadilen should be a priority for most f2p players. For one, I fear more Kadilen on flank, than Lianna on wing. Like I said, one of the best defensive classics. Arguable, the best (because she is fast and Richard is average). If she gets a costume, depending of her new skill, may even surpass easily mentioned heroines above.


I don’t think she’s bad at all, I still see her used constantly in diamond on raid defense teams.


I’m eagerly bringing her to 3/70 while I wait for a 6th tonic. Then I can decide whether to ascend her or Gregorion. But so far, Kadilen has done well on late war teams and in the world map. Especially on the world map!

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Totally agree about Kadilen. I have her and use her a lot in defence. She really does do a good job.

The only 5* hero I have that I don’t use or attempted to max is Quintus for which I have a costume too. Not sure what to do with him after getting him out of TC20

Anyone pair her with eve on offense?? … maybe even throw in buddy… hmm. May need to go play for a bit.


That is my plan once I get done leveling her. I have the mats, and already have Eve/Buddy maxed! :wink:


Mine is sitting at 3-70 and is only used in war. Maybe when full ascended she will be used more. But what do you think for tonics Elkanen or Kadilen?

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Oooh. Will you please tag me when you have some info? :slight_smile:

I think any green pairs well with Eve! Finally got a tonic for her final ascension! She is nearly maxed! She is a BEAST!


Agreed. She was definitely a game changer for me.

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Kadilen hit like a truck for an AoE.


Kad is OK, you need good timing to use her well though, unlike some of the non-classic heroes where you can just use their skill without thinking about it.

It’s only when you compare her to a hero that does everything, like a Zim or Zeline, that she is underwhelming.


I agree on both counts. It definitely pays to have restraint and use her special at the opportune time. And yes compared to those two she falls short. I don’t have either though. I’ve just been surprised lately how much use I’ve been able to get out of her.


Mike L. - it depends on the rest of your roster. Personally I think she has more utility than Elkanen. What does your defense team look like and do you have any other 5* greens?

I don’t have Eve or Buddy. She’s part of a very strangely effective red/green attack line of mine…

Mother North / Khagan / Kadilen / Grazul / Lianna

When Khagan, Kadilen, and Grazul all activate, heavy hits become mere tickles! Then MN just sits in one corner biding her time waiting to revive people and Lianna sits in the other corner waiting to kill people. It’s a fun line!


I have preached the same sentiment. Kadilan Kees you alive until you can strike.

She is on my #1 attack team that has taken me to global #1 for the briefest of moments.


We must raid in a different diamond arena.


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