Francine, cKadilen or something else?

Dear community,

Needing an advice.

Got the tonics for another green 5*. Should i go for Francine, cKadilen or wait for another green? I was inclined for cKadilen but i just realized that Vela already have the emblems.

My green team right now is Evelyn+12, Elkanen+8, Liana+12 and cCademon+20. Also have an Horgall and a Zocc waiting at 2/60.

F2p player, an Ok amount of heroes, i am doing all the events and dealing with 8/9* titans. Not too serious, despite doing quite all the missions and sometimes hating and loving this game like everyone.

Thanks in advance for some wisdom.

ckadilen for defense Francine for offense. Up to you. Anyhow, both are really good heroes and you should not wait for another one to arrive, that would be stupid.


Ckadilen is a live saver, she can turn the table on offense.

On defense she is also very annoying.

I do her first then franchine. Both are good, but c kadilen is excellent


Lady elf!!!

20 Kadilen characters


Go for costumed Kadilen. She deals more total HP damage than Francine as the former hits all while the latter hits only the target and nearby. While Francine may dodge enemy specials due to talent at 20% chance, costumed Kadilen gives her entire team a chance to dodge enemy specials due to her specials at 45% chance, giving them minions for every successful dodge.

Strip costumed Caedmon and give those emblems to her.


Agreeing with Luiii. As I am playing cKadilen since some months and I have Eve and Lianna, here is my opinion specifically to your green hero roster:

On attack, I found her behind the Eve-Lianna pair which you actually have. She is too random, but still better then most S1 heroes. I like to play with 2 heroes of a color, so I have no use for her on attack except AW. If you played 3 or more green heroes a lot, then she would have a place for sure.

On defense, she would be your best tank of green heroes and she is really good there helping me in 5* tournaments without red heroes, though I have generally less problems attacking her, as Eve-Lianna have a good chance to dispel and snipe one of three opponents. But she forces me to take Eve…

I would never give her emblems from cCaedmon who is a must hero for me in all 4* tournaments. He can dispel or heal status as needed, is fast, snipes quite well. In fact, I gave first emblems to Melia and Belith who I need in more tournaments and events than cKadilen. But emblems are up to your priority.

Ask yourself if you need a fast status cleaner on attack or a very good green defender and when you have emblems for them.


Thank you for the help fellas.

Lady Elf it is :grin:

I have both, C-Kad is one of the best heroes for your defense. Francine isn’t as good as C-Kad on defense but she’s great on the flank. One thing to consider is that Francine is one of the few green heroes that can dispel status ailments from your team so that makes her pretty valuable.