Which hero to ascend - Margaret or Costume Kadilen?

I was planning on maxing Margaret after she got buffed but then I pulled Kadilen’s costume and she seems pretty nice. Both have similar roles so I don’t know which one deserves my tonics more.

Thanks in advance!

Kadilen - thank me later!


Can you elaborate why you think Costumed Kad is better?


With costume kadilen, you basically get two very good heros (fast/hit all and very good buffs to the entire team). The costume bonuses makes regular kadilen even better.

Margaret is good in general but her buff only works on damaging specials and she protects 3 allies.

Kadilen has an edge for me. btw i have both but maxed costume kadilen and taking my time maxing the original version.

Margaret has the most debilitating defense and questionable survivability at the cost of crazy attack stat. But Kadilen with costume generally edges her as she has far better balanced stats.

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That’s one thing I like about Margaret - her tile damage. And when I take a green stack against Telluria I want to take Telly out ASAP, not to mention that Margaret has very fast speed. I dunno, it’s a close one for me.

Most players appreciate Margaret as a titan specialist due to her insane attack stat. Other than that, her usability applies in her class quest. Kadilen and costume just offers more.

I’d go with Kadilen. Her dodge with costume equipped is a lifesaver, and she has decent power with her skill for her speed and range.

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Thanks for the replies. Guess I’m gonna go with Costume Kadilen!

Margaret. Absolutely.
Major dodge and more powerful tile damage. On attack she is amazing. Very fast with good troop can fire with 6 tiles.

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I use Inari quite heavily and love her, so I think Kadilen’s costume is excellent. I’m also partial to the costumes, because the stat buffs from maxing them are pretty significant.

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@diehardTitan did you end up going with c Kadilen?

I’m having the same issue being torn between her or Margaret

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