Margareth or C.Kadilen?

Good morning and happy new year to all ! :slight_smile:

I have a doubt: Margareth or C. Kadilen?
Which of the 2 deserves tonics?

I already have nature heroes: kingstone, Garjamal, Telluria.
Plus Lianna, Horgall (costume) and Elraldir at entry level.

I would like to try to use one of the two in defense.
Thank you

Definitely C. Kadilen. Although Margaret has had a huge improvement since she got buffed with damage, C. Kadilen is a better dodge hero that protects the entire team (not just nearby) and much better on defense.

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Margaret did improve and had huge potential (if one day they introduce formations to war/tourneys) until they nerfed the 3-spot mechanic; now she’s back to being bang average.

C.Kad is awesome, especially if you’re looking to have a new green on defense. Put her at flank and watch as your opponents throw their phones :slight_smile:

Currently out of those two I would focus on Costume Kadilen 100%. You won’t be disappointed
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Thank you guys :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Up until now I was playing with telluria tank (although after the nerf he became a useless hero).
Would it make sense to replace Telluria with kadilen in the tank position or would it be better as a flank?
P.S I take this opportunity to ask you: for you what would be the best defensive formation I can create with these 5 * heroes:

Nature : Telluria, Kingston, Lianna, C. Kadilen, C. Horghall, Margareth

Sacred: Drake Fong, Joon, Viviva, Malosi (I also often use Gallimbursti, even if it’s a 4 *)

Ice: Raffaele, C. Magni, Aegir, Isarnia

Fire: Tyr, Grazul, Noor, Reuben, Yang Mai, Marjana, Azlar, Elena

Darkness: Sartana, Domitia, Obakan, Quintus (I also often use C. Rigard, even if it’s not a 5 *)

Yes costume kad is much superior to Telly and marg

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C.Magni, Drake,C.Kadilen,Sartana,Tyr
Sartana C Magni C. Kadilen Drake Tyr.

@Equilibrium I would second either of these teams; although if fighter emblems are an issue when considering c.Magni and Tyr, I might consider Grazul instead of the latter; something like:

c.Magni - Grazul - c.Kad - Drake - Sartana

kaldilen, because if the following reasons:

Dodge on all heros
Dodges also all kind of special effects (status effrct mana cut, dispell etc)

Better to focus on health and the shield or the sword, what do you think?

Anyway, since my purple heroes don’t convince me, could I field c.rigard instead of sartana?
Unfortunately, for some time I have been looking for alfrike, hannah, jabber, ursena but at most I can find Renfeld :rofl:

Yes c.Rigard is a solid choice… I am more of a “I beat the living crap out of you” guy but yes, c.Rigard is a good hero… unless you have Domitia/Seshtat