New to the game, any advice on building teams?

Hey there,

I’m pretty new to the game and don’t have much to spend on games, but I did get tempted and got a few of the cheap gems to use the event summon. I now have a few 3* and two 4* as follows (picture) and was wondering if anyone could give tips on how to build an effective team out of these, and what to focus on leveling etc:


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When starting out, a rainbow team is best in my opinion. With the heroes you have, I would put kashrek in center(tank) position. Flank him with bane and captain. Put Hawkmoon on one end and slithus or Layla on the other end. Layla has fast mana and slithus is average. Slithus has higher health when maxed out but Layla has higher attack and defense. Hope this helps:)


Thank you for the quick answer, I’ll try out that positioning for sure :), yes I figured a rainbow/all-rounder team may be best even if one of them is significantly lower. I see a lot of people in raids (defense team) using multiple of one colour though, is it different for raids?

I currently am and have been in diamond arena for a while now. I see monochromatic teams frequently. Luckily, I have the bench depth to counter this. I still use a rainbow team for defense. Color stacking for offense can be beneficial, but you have to rely on skill and a good board lol


Familiarize yourself with your heroes and their capabilities. Before you attack a team, make sure you know their capabilities as well:)

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Whatever you decide the I strongly recommend hanging on to anything 3* or above for now, the longer you play the more you rely on diversity of heroes.

A solid rainbow team to start with is a good idea, but I would suggest finishing leveling valen before starting on the captain. Valen will continue to be of use to you later as he is a great 3* All 3* are easy to lvl up. Kashrek is an excellent tank for the first few months of playing, but for storymode etc, you may find you prefer a healer that heals everyone. It is personal choice and small heal pots are cheap to make (but take up a slot that could be used for something else) fully leveling a 4* can take a lot of patience, you heard it here first :wink: But of course you can still use them while not fully leveled :slight_smile:


organized as follows: Ban; captain diamond; Kashrek; hawkmoon and Brienne. For leveling captain diamond and Kashrek in priority. and look for a dark hero to balance your defensive formation.

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I agree with DBC. Once you fully level a 3*, keep them. You will be able to use them for event challenges and for wars ( if you are in an alliance)


Monochromatic teams have better tile and special damage as far as I know. But, you have almost zero damage with the tiles you have no heroes for…hence why you want a rainbow team for pretty much everything else besides the titans that are the opposite color of whichever color you “stack”


thank you for the replies guys, I have a lot to learn ^^ seems I should focus on leveling some of the 3*s first, and figure out which ones are deemed good :slight_smile:

You’re already off to a good start by discovering all the great people and advice on the forums…I could have saved myself a lot of frustration if I would have done that sooner!

You’ve gotten some good advice on team building, so I won’t repeat that.

There are several new player guides that you can take a little time to check out.

One of the first things that really helped me when starting out was @Coppersky 's Compendium, and then later I found @CheTranqui wiki page, both excellent and I highly recommend them.


Thanks for the tips :blush:

Using multiples of one colour ir a poor defense strategy. It allows the opponent to bring multiple heroes of the strong colour against the tank, which makes tile damage very high.

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this is my current defense team


and possible selection

Does it take much more to finish season 1 or should I be able to do it now (or when these heroes are fully ascended)? I have farmed lower levels a bit but I’ve currently just finished province 16

The best advice I’ve seen from many veteran players is to continue until you reach a level you have trouble with…then go back and farm easier levels for recruits and materials, beef up your team a little more, then try again.

Repeat as necessary!


That team will struggle finishing Season 1. You only have 2 damage dealers in there, and your healers are very fragile still.

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You can swap bane and valen. That would take advantage of colour shielding. If they hit valen with green, it won’t hurt hawkmoon much.

Same with bane and rigard.

Colour shielding.


awesome I didn’t think about color shielding thanks, well I had thought about it but wasn’t sure which colors were best next to each other etc :slight_smile:

thanks, yes thought so too, basically I was just going to run it like this until I get a 3* damage/debuff replacement for one of the healers that seems a good fit

thanks again, this is what I’ve been doing pretty much <3

I was just wondering if 3*/4* mixed is enough to finish season 1 when they have been ascended fully, or are some of these heroes not very good longer term