Help me with my team heroes!

Hello guys,
I have many heroes and I would like you to tell me which ones are recommended, which ones I should get rid of and which would be my best defense and attack team.

My heroes are these:

Purple: Gill-Ra, Tyrum, Chochin and Sabina.

Yellow: Bane (x2), Gan Ju

Blue: Karil, Gunnar, Gato and Sonia

Green: Brienne (x2), Mneseo, Berden and Lianna.

Red: Nashgar, Hawkmoon, Bauchan, Colen and Wilbur.

Thanks for your help guys!

Karil, Nashgar and Gan Ju are the worst one you got, although they aren’t totally worthless and can be quite helpful in some situation
All the others are very solid.
Try focusing on 2-3 3* rainbows team before working on your 4*. This will help you complete rare quest, at least for the 3* mats, and help with your depth. It will also help you acquire the required mats to max your 4*
For 3*, your purple are good, so level them all. Bane is a must-have yellow sniper early, so 2 can be helpful. For blue, Gunnar is wonderful to help with survival during season 1 and during some raid tournaments. Gato is also very good, so be sure to level him. For green, 1x Brienne is enough. Her special, pair with Gunnar, is a very good way to have high attack stats early on during battle. Mnesseus and Berden are both great as well. For red, Hawkmoon is your lone 3* healer, so she must be leveled. Bauchan just got out, don’t know about him but as an event hero, max him too :grin:.
For 4*. Sabina for healer + dispel, Sonya for dispel and Wilbur for survival will help you a lot.
Wilbur is your de facto MVP as of now, so you could consider leveling him sooner than later. At least get him to 3/60 if you can.
As for Lianna, she is very strong, but leveling a 5* takes so much time and resources that you should keep her at 1/1 until you have a comfortable 4* bench and have 4+ tonics for her ascension.

Have fun

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Nashgar is pretty good imo, he’s just not as good as the more elusive red 3*s :smile: (Namahage, Sq. Wabbit, Rudolph). He has the 2nd highest tile damage though out of all the trainable 3*s for what it’s worth, and looking over the posted heroes up there, I’d say he should be kept :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally agree on the other two though. I seldom use Karil for challenge events but that’s about it, he works well with Valen for what it’s worth. Gan Ju I recently also used on Avalon for my yellow team, but that’s only because I don’t have another Bane :rofl:

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You should do rainbow leveling (give feeders to heroes of the same colour). It’s worth keeping at least one copy of all heroes.

I’d work on these heroes:
Purple: Sabina, then Chochin
Yellow: Bane
Blue: Gato, then Sonya, then Gunnar
Green: Brienne, then Mnesseus
Red: Wilbur, then Bauchan, then Nashgar

You’ll have to build a rainbow team of 3* heroes but 4* will help you to improve more quickly.

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