Advice for this roster?

I’ve been playing for a couple months. Haven’t paid for anything and I’m currently saving gems for a 10x summon to try to get a few more 4stars (which may or may not happen)

I just got around to farming heroes and am currently running two TC11s and one TC13 (letting it run a while since my first 3 heroes were 2 dawas and a karil). I have been just leveling up the 3stars as I get them (which explains some of the duplicates). Is there anything I could be doing better?

As far as my capabilities/limits, I’m currently lvl 25 with a level 14 stronghold. Any advice on how to progress would be much appreciated!

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You are doing great :+1: I would focus on getting your SH to Lvl 20 ASAP so you can get a TC to lvl 20 ASAP so you can start training your best chance for a 4&5* hero. Run TC13 in the meantime.

Next finish Gormek ( I assume you are waiting for mats). I wouldn’t work on any 2*


I agree with @Dawnsky, you’re doing great.

If team 1 is your defence team, you need to move Belith out of tank. Swap her with Gormek or Gunnar.

Or, an alternative lineup to try is: Belith / Gunnar / Gormek / Bane / Balthie. The reason is tile matching. Your opponent will send down purple to get Bane, the ones that hit Balthie will charge him up. Same for the blue tiles sent to hit Gormek, they will charge Gunnar. Play around with this order, but in a rainbow team, you should try to group Yellow & Purple and Blue, Green & Red.

In terms of deciding your ascension priority. Valen is an excellent blue hero, and is worth levelling before Greymane and Ulmer. You won’t need more than one Oberon in the long run, so don’t worry about levelling that third one at all.

The only 2* worth levelling is Sha Ji. Healers are valuable at every stage of the game, and it may be a while before you get a suite of 3* or 4* healers. Leave Farid at his current level, and level a second Azar (unless you get another red hero or the items to ascend Gormie)

Great work levelling a second Bane - you will use both in events for a long time to come.

Keep reading the forum, especially the player guides. In case you haven’t already read it:


You have made nice progress and have a good set of 3*!

You could consider running 2xtc13 for more chance to get 4* and a tc2/tc11 depending on recuits and ham you have, while building up to stronghold 20 and tc20.

With tc20, you would be able to get 4s and 5s.

Ascension materials for Gormek you can get from titans, titan chests, raid and monster chests, war and quests for example. Gormek is a very useful 4*, both on defence, raids and titans.

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Thanks for the help!

As far as the Oberon/Azar duplicates, I was surprised that I got 3 of each (each of the Azars came from different means within a week) and questioned even leveling up the second of each. I guess I’ll just feed the 3rds to the 2nds and hope to boost up the specials- I’ve been having terrible luck with that even with only feeding heroes the same colors.

Are there any 3stars not worth leveling up and just feeding to another hero? Or some definitely not worth having multiple of?

And thanks for the defense team strategy @FishDreams . I’ve been running gormek as tank and flanking him with Gunnar and belith, but I’ll flip them up. Why do you prefer Valen?

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Don’t summon on Epic … got for Elemental Summons or just save enough for x10 pulls in Atlantis portal. Better heroes even the 3☆ are too.
As long as you still don’t have 4☆ heroes then I can’t tell you to feed the 3☆ ones. But there are many useless heroes.
Graymane Carver Dawa Isshtak Karil. 3☆
ShaJi Farid 2☆
Those are useless heroes mate.
Also don’t waste your feeders and food on 2☆ heroes cause they are food.
Run your TC to13 it will help you train only 3☆ heroes with chance of 4☆ too.
And I’d recommend you to get a VIP 2 months.
Will lead ya to every thing lv20 fast
And will give you every month a 900 gems.

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This is good advice.

But those heroes aren’t useless until you are further into the game. I agree that the longer you play, the less u need them, but at early stages that are worth keeping and levelling. Sha Ji was my go to healer for the longest time.

As far as less helpful heroes the further you progress in the game, @Jedon has done a great job identifying them for you. But at your stage you will need them in events and quests for a while yet. So mark them as lower priority than others. Do everything that @Jedon says, if you can afford it the VIP pass is an enormous help.

The 3* in ur roster that you will cherish for a long time are: Bane, Belith, Gunnar, Balthazar, Berden, Nashgar, Azar and Valen. (and if you get Tyrum, level him for sure)

Valen is fast and hard hitter, who also lower’s your opponent’s defense by 34%. You will love him in every aspect of the game for a long, long time - especially titans. He is a great attacker.

Don’t worry about the duplicates - in fact get used to them! There will come a time when you start feeding some 4* duplicates!

But there are some that are worth hanging on to multiples - you’ll get to know which ones as you progress.

Be active on this forum - one of my biggest regrets in the game is that I didn’t tap into the knowledge here until I was quite a way into the game.

And special little shout out to @Jedon here who was the first person to respond to my first post!

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