New player needs roster advice

Yes, they also felt pity :persevere:


That’s quite a bit of dedication though. So there is a positive…:slight_smile:

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Now that I know to multiple train I’m amazed at how well I did!

I’d never go back to single training I can assure you of that!


Defend what/why?

Cups do not get you anything at such an early stage. The attack/farming team gathers resources from which everything grows.

Farm - alot! This is how you learn how your heroes work. It teaches you specials, buffs, cleanses…everything.

Defense contributes…not much.

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We have space in Guardians Ascending (new alliance set up recently as a division of Guardians Reborn)

Other good training alliances are available !


@Annieb Thanks! I will definitely check it out!

Were you asking me about why defense? Because I’m aware that it works a bit differently than attacking, and I’d like to learn the basics of setting up a good team before I need it in earnest. I’m definitely not interested in amassing cups. I only built the watchtower because it was required for progression n the map. It’s only at level 1 and I only raid when I come to an outpost. I’ve been raided a few times though and always won. My time in the game is mostly spent farming, training, leveling and collecting so far.

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I knew about using the + and - functions, but (silly me) it hadn’t occurred to me that I could actually use that to advantage as a form of storing stuff. And using the cheap but slow training helps keep my recruit houses from getting full and provides a steady, regular flow of feeder heroes. Brilliant! Thanks, once more.


Pay attention to everything while farming. The icons are important. The powers and specials of bosses and the icons they drop on your heroes must be learned to. This is where attacking skills are honed.

Once you have a grasp of what your team can do, move to raiding. Killing opponent’s heroes is a lesson in defense, as well.

Thete are threads about team building that explain how the computer will (try to) use the team you give it.

The good stuff like strong vs weak colors, tanks, doubling and hero order are all very fully covered in old threads. Start reading. There is much more in search than you will get in answers here.


I maybe confused here but I took your request for assistance on team modeling. As you seem to be already aware you need to cover all the bases Offense, Defense, Mystical etc. I found a spread sheet that broke down each player by their skill set. If you can find that I think it would help. You are way ahead of me and for me you have some very impressive fighters. For you reverting back to your original question, I would recommend slowing way down end spend that time on the forum, you will be surprised how willing members are to share. Good Luck from a newbie :sunglasses:.


Tack för din förklaring

Okay. I’m just lost, because I haven’t aquired any red 3/4* heroes. Just was event and I think red summon ended 12h before it should, so I need little advice which heroes I should be focusin on.

My line up:

Blue: Promo level
Graymane 2 of 3 28
Gunnar 2 of 3 17
Karil 1 of 3 1
Olaf 3 of 3 40
Green: promo level
Carver 2 of 3 22
Isshtak 1 of 3 1
Jenneh 3 of 3 40
Purple: promo level
Balthazar 1 of 3 1
Oberon 1 of 3 9
Prisca 1 of 3 1
Tyrum 1 of 3 1
Cyprian 2 of 4 8
Yellow promo level
Bane 3 of 3 41
Dawa 1 of 3 1
Gan Ju 1 of 3 3
Kailani 1 of 3 8
Wu Kong 1 of 4 1
red promo level
Shaarkot 3 of 3 40
Farid 2 of 3 6
Sharan 2 of 2 20

I know, I ve pulled about 30 3* heroes from TC 10 / 12 and none of them are red. I have about 20 red 2* heroes ready to use on ascend, so I have limited slots available to gather heroes to feed, but accordind to players who has accuired lots of these heroes, which I should focus on, when I finish those whom are in longest in levelling? Like I have lots of purple and yellow which I havent focused, allso in blue, there is Graymane and Gunnar, which bot gets ascending, but should I focuse Gunnar, because its same as Kailani?

I’ve read that don’t use embles on 2* heroes, don’t worry I havent use any :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time to reply my problems =)


I always train using matched colors, so I have one project of each color going at a time.

Here is what I recommend for you:

  • purple: Balthazar, then Cyprian.
  • Yellow: finish pain, then Wu Kong
  • blue: Karil then Gunnar
  • green: finish Carver then Isstahk (if they were both at 1/1 I’d flip that)
  • red: Tough. Finish these up; do an elemental summons next time red rolls around.

Everyone’s welcome here

I was actually going to ask about this very topic. I am not going to criticize my current alliance, but I had been thinking that it would be great to have a teaching alliance that I might someday have a chance to help out with the teaching newbies like me.

It would be interesting to see how one of those works.


Can I ask how I might find one?


You just have to look for one. There are plenty good open alliances with experienced players that could teach you

Check these out

I personally recommended guardians academy which is part of the Guardians group

Amazing. I did not know this. Thanks!

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@Chainedmocha1 I’m glad you found this helpful. Happy hunting :slight_smile:

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