Some Advice needed on Roster, Team and Ascension

Hey folks,

now, with some time spend with the game I am already feeling a little addictive. I can say that I really enjoy all aspects: titans, AW, raiding, quests… I recently (basically this morning) did some pulls from summoning gates, and got really lucky with the yield: Yunan, Rana, Hisan, Colen, Boril and Seshat, who I wanted so badly (From the beginning I wanted Sartana, but now came to peace with purple, at least for the time being). Few days ago I pulled Ranvir with an EHT. I already learned a lot by browsing through the forum, not only on heroes themselves but also where to place them in the defense team and which heroes may work well together.
Right now, I am seeking some advice from you guys, which one to level first, and which one to put into my defense team.

In stock: 4 Darts, 4 Tabbards, 4 Scopes

Stronghold is Level 19

My roster is as follows (without 3 stars, if not levelled, or no intention to level):

Ranvir: 2-13
Wu Kong: 4-70
Hu Tao: 3-60
Bane: 3-50 and dupe at 1-1
Rana: 1-1
Leonidas: 1-22
Chao: 1-1

Sechat: 1-21
Rigard: 4-70 4 emblems and dupe at 1-1
Sabina: 3-60 and dupe at 1-1
Cyprian: 2-6
Tiburtus: 1-35
Jabbar: 1-1
Balthazar: 3-60

King Arthur: 3-70
Richard: 2-60
Triton: 4-70, 5 emblems
Kiril 3-60
Boril: 1-1

Margaret: 1-1
Yunan 1-1
Kashhrek: 4-70 7 emblems and dupe 1-1
Skittle: 3-60, and dupe 1-1
Melendor: 1-1
Mnessues: 3-60
Hisan: 1-1

Gormek: 4-70, 4 emblems and dupe 1-1
Wilbur: 4-70
Boldtusk: 3-60 + dupe 1-1
Colen: 1-1

My current defense team is: Gormek-Triton-Kashhrek-King Arthur-Rigard
This holds me at plus minus 2000 cups and seems to work well in AW at the moment.
I think my priorities to level up are as follows:

Ranvir to max
Then follow up with Rana, when Mats are missing, take Leonidas to 2-60 and Chao to 3-30 for AW

Seshat to max
Then Tiburtus to 3-60 and max Sabina or second Rigard with next set of trap tools. Forget about Jabbar, bring Cyprian to 3-60 perhaps later.

King Arthur to max when scopes come in
I have ten capes, so can bring Richard to 3-70 (not sure yet if I shall consider him to max out) or finish Kiril, Boril to be parked (do not like him)

Finish Hisan for Quests and AW, then focus on Melendor (have the shields to max him), forget about Yunan at the moment, and definitely forget about Margaret at the moment too…

Finish Boldtusk (knives in stock)
Then work on Colen until 3-60 for AW and hope that something elso shows up until then.

  1. Do you think it is reasonable to proceed that way? Any further thoughts or advice?

  2. I am especially not sure on the holy heroes. I read a lot about Leonidas, but I think he is not too bad. Not sure what to think about Rana and how to effectively use her.

  3. How would you set up the defense team right now and later when next heroes are levelled up?

Any other suggestions? What kind of Hero you feel am I lacking for AW or Titans (our Alliance is currently fighting 6 star titans mainly, but we are improving…)

I really appreciate your thoughts and your advice! There are so many options in the game, but few Mats, so it is not easy to decide which way to go…

Before you work more on your 5* heroes, i would take up some more of your 4* to mat line 3/60. You look like you’re doing great so far, but 5* are very much more expensive to max and less powerful at 3/70 then a 4* maxed.
My method of madness to getting 30 usable heroes for alliance wars was to level up heroes to their mat line and then move on to the next. After i had 30 heroes total at mat line or higher, i started giving mats to my favorites and most useful in wars/raids.

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@Starryeyedgryph: valid points, thanks! Will probably wait then with last ascensions. Thought for the 5 stars where mats are (nearly) available would be not too bad to finish those. Arthur and Seshat I really like, and I am not spending too much on the game, so doubt that much better options show up soon.
You recommend to primarily focus on 4 star or also to finish the on for the other 3 star hero?
For 3 star I would only consider fast mana heroes, as they are to squishy and die too quickly in AW…

If you have max wu kong, ranvir should be last in line for yellows even bane comes first, not so big difference if you ar not fighting 12* titans

3* are fast to level and require no special mats, but a 4* at 3/60 is going to be stronger than a maxed 3. Regarding 3* the advice i was given when first starting was to have 2 rainbow teams of them. This allows you to complete all the challenge events for taking out the hero that reflects and stacking the strong tile against.
Looks like you have your defense team. So right now you’re just needing to fill in war depth. When i was doing this i also brought up my 5* heroes to the 2/60 mat line to make them usable in war. Going from hero to hero doing that feels like forever. But once you hit 30 heroes to use in war, it feels great!

You have a lot of good purple heroes to focus on. I’d leave Cyprian alone and move over to Boril.

You truly have a sick roster and i am jealous of your latest pulls :joy:
That being said, i agree with the others that you should give a little more focus on your 4* for challenge events as they give guaranteed mats and can be completed with a 4* 3/60 team
Your defense is holding the fort so you should prioritize your depth to rely more on your 4* for war.
You should definitely give some love to Boril or Cyprian, at least to 3/60. The riposte is very handy against the few last stages of events, where the bosses will kill themselves.

Ranvir should be low priority since you have Wu already maxed. I would work on Chao before Leo, as his mana cut is useful in events
Bring Cyprian and Tiburtus to 3/60 and then ascend one of them or Sabina.
Either lvl Boril or ascend Kiril. They will be stronger than a 3/70 Richard imo and more useful for now
Mel should get to max, although your Hisan can be first if you prefer
BT to max and Colen to at least 3/60. He would be devastating with Wilbur and BT ! That burn gonna’s burn!
Have fun!

Hey, thanks guys, for your suggestions. Makes sense, what you said. Will put Ranvir now on hold, and re-start feeding later, when we face higher titans (so that may take some time). BT already ascended to final stage and is on the homerun. Kiril will ascend in the next days, too. Will look forward to bring some 4 stars (and the horse) up quickly, as suggested… But for purple I will focus on Seshat. Took her out for farming and she is great (and looks cool). Then Tiburtus.

Yeah, i know the feeling, did the same thing when i got Alice! Brought her everywhere and got her to 2/60 in no time
You need to have fun, even if it isn’t the « right thing to do », so to speak! So if Seshat = more fun!
Then Tib will gather some dust :joy::cold_face:
Have fun!

My Dear!
Im was indeed busy with leveling up the last weeks… So, I finished:
Seshat, Rana, King Arthur, Melendor, Boldtusk, Sabina, Tiburtus (close to max), Grimm (recently received), Guardian Falcon (freshly received this month, close to max), Guardian Jackal (same as Guardian Falcon), Red Hood (received during last event summoning and sitting at 3-70 - these mystic rings I solely get from rare quests… my nemesis). Kiril is on the homerun and I ascended Richard who is at 3-2X at the moment, a few further 3 star heroes finished for tournaments as well, as Hisan, Valen, Tyrum…
So, the windmills worked hard the last weeks…

But NOW: Please help out:

next Green Project: Received this Gardeirus guy and Little John… not sure about both, do not need them for defense, rather for AW… Which one would you pick? I have 4 tonics in stock, can also start with Yuan, but not sure, as Rana already on max, although I like the idea of bringing both King Yuan and Rana into defence (or probably plus Arman, Hisan and Jabbar in AW defence - just for fun). Any Opinions here?

As for yellow: Received on top Li Xiu and Imari: I think I like Inari, and perhaps should start here (other options available are Leonidas (I think he is better as his reputation, but indeed by far not the best yellow) and Ranvir (still last in line I think)… Have 4 darts in stock at the moment and 11 orbs… I am thinking of bringing Inari to 3-70, and max out Li Xiu (not Chao). What are your thoughts?

For Blue: Received Miki with EHT. Startet him but only plan to 3-70 for titans (also: no scopes at the moment)

Also, If you feel I can change my current defense team, please, let me know: at the moment I run:
seshat(+1) - rana(+1)- boldtusk(+9) or kashhrek(+9)-king Arthur(+3)-rigard(+9). I easily get into low diamond when I attack, but has expected drop out overnight.

And as usual: really appreciate your time to read and your valuable advice!