New player needs roster advice

I’d like some suggestions, if I may, on how to set up a descent attack and defense team. I don’t think I’m doing the right thing with what I have.

My team is currently set up with three Holy heroes because I needed the firepower of Bane and Drake Fong, and the healing ability of Sha Ji. It’s been the only way I can get through some of the quests I’m trying. Ordinarily I use Boril, Drake Fong, Brienne, Tiburtus and Namahage. I’ve had decent luck on the map, but I’m really thinking I’m not using what I have to best potential. And I can’t get a good grasp on a defensive team at all.

I know this is a perennial question, but I’d very much appreciate it if I could get a few pointers on how to think this through.


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It a little difficult to give advice here because of the lack of heroes. One thing as a new-ish player, I would stick your 4s and 5 on the back burner and work on leveling your 2* healer and your 3*s. All ascension materials for these heroes are farmable, and take MUCH less time to level. Another issue is redundancy, namely between Brienne and Namaphage…very similar specials which will overwrite. I don’t have any issues with the team you are using for offense, although it is nice to have a rainbow team. Boril and Liu Xiu are pretty good defensive heroes, so I would make sure they are included on your raid defense team.

Bottom line, I would work on leveling your base, getting your training camps to at least tc4, low cost production and create a backlog so your training camps are always producing feeders. Except, at any given time, try to be leveling one of your tc’s if possible. Try to invest in a VIP pass to help with your base building. I also remember seeing a great thread on this forum titled something like ‘things I wish someone had told me when i started playing’. Continue reading the forum and keep your builders and training camps busy all the time. I wish I could think of more but that’s what I have right now. Best of luck.


I think this is the post @badassninjadad was talking about


That be the one! :sunglasses: Thx @johnboy29
It might wander outside what the OP was asking, but judging by his/her apparent newness, I think it will offer some help advancing in the game.


Thanks a lot for the pointers! Very much appreciated. I’ve, unfortunately, been feeding my 2*s to the others. I’ll remedy that. I do have two training camps now, both at level 5. And I did purchase a VIP pass. I’m currently lvl 11 and have gotten through province 9, but feel I need to back up a bit before attempting further progress. Get some grounding in best practices. I\ll look for the thread you referenced. Thanks, again, for taking the time to give me some good advice!


Yep, I found it. Thanks!

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If you are at SH11, then I suggest getting a training camp up to TC11.
That way you can store recruits and ham.

E & P is a resource driven game.
Always be training, farming, mining and building.


Sorry. I meant that I’m level 11. The Stronghold is at level 6. I’m currently upgrading buildings to lvl 6 as well.

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Since I’m not here to recruit you, I feel comfortable in suggesting that if you are currently in an alliance that you don’t feel is supporting you and helping you learn the game, check out the recruiting thread for training alliances.

They specifically recruit, train and help new players. We’ve all been in your position and sometimes you don’t even know what questions you should be asking.

And you should see some of the things I still don’t know after playing for a year - my alliance members never know whether to laugh or cry :joy::rofl::smiley::smile::sweat_smile:


Glad you found that thread…one thing I may not have been very clear on…the reason I suggested leveling up that 2* healer is because that is currently your only healer…normally don’t worry about feeding 2s to others. 1s and 2*s are BOTH considered feeder heroes so you’re doing exactly what you should in that regard.

Your short-to-medium term goal should be to acquire and max level a 3* team, and then a second 3* team, which will allow you to ‘double-up’ on the ‘strong’ color against titans and against the tank (middle hero) in raids. When raiding, this will enable you to make a hole in the middle and send tiles (called ghosting) down it to charge up your mana. Ghosting allows a double charge on your mana, btw…allowing you to fire specials quicker.

Anyway, my main point was to clear up that 2* hero thing I referred to at the start of the post. What @princess1 recommended is a good idea for you, I think. The alliance I’m in (one of them, I have 2) accepts newbies and helps them out (a training alliance) but unfortunately we’re full at the moment. I think looking for one is a great idea if you feel you aren’t getting the help you need. As before, hope this helps. :wink: Happy hunting.


Thanks for the heads up on training alliances! I’ll definitely head in that direction.


Once again, thanks. Especially on the clarification. One thing I’m realizing is that I guess I need to keep a steady flow of recruits going into the training camps. That wasn’t really feasible for me early on because of the lack of food needed. But it seems to be working out now.

I figured out ghosting a little while back, by accident. I use it a lot! :slight_smile:


And one of the great things regarding the steady flow of recruits is that you can actually stockpile and use the TC’s as a ‘bank’ to store food and/or recruits.

Some TC levels are better for this than others. At your level, the best place to stockpile is TC4-low cost. As you advance ,TC11-extra low cost becomes very important in this respect, with TC’s 12 and 13 being great to store food in. You can use the + and - buttons to move recruits/food between training camps for use in other areas e.g. leveling, items from forge, etc. Anyway, as always, glad to help.


And I spent almost a year not using the + and - buttons for training multiple recruits. I always thought it had something to do with gems??

I built three teams to over 3000 power by training one at a time.

See, this is why my alliance laughs (or cries) at me :no_mouth:


poor princess…

20 of those things too…

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Yes, they also felt pity :persevere:


That’s quite a bit of dedication though. So there is a positive…:slight_smile:

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Now that I know to multiple train I’m amazed at how well I did!

I’d never go back to single training I can assure you of that!


Defend what/why?

Cups do not get you anything at such an early stage. The attack/farming team gathers resources from which everything grows.

Farm - alot! This is how you learn how your heroes work. It teaches you specials, buffs, cleanses…everything.

Defense contributes…not much.

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We have space in Guardians Ascending (new alliance set up recently as a division of Guardians Reborn)

Other good training alliances are available !