Help with attack/defense based on my roster

What combo should make a good offense for raids based on my current roster? What about my defense?

Something sad has happened to all your 3* heroes! There are some very fine 3* heroes that could help fill out your roster at low cost.

Defense and offense want different builds, and offense should be flexible to respond to the defense you’re fighting.

Given your heroes, i’d try out a defense of:

Sonya - Hu Tao - Cyprian - Little John - Kelile

Offense is trickier because you don’t want just one setup. For Alliance Wars you’ll need 30 viable heroes that form 6 credible teams. I normally raid with unbalanced teams, typically 3-2 or 2-2-1. You’ll definitely want to build up Rigard and Kiril—excellent healers that together or separately will greatly improve your team.

Yeah I’ve been playing blindly and clearly not knowing what I’m doing since I’ve only been playing for a about two months. I just ran into this forum yesterday and have already learned a ton from you guys. Definitely have made mistakes. From what I’ve read, my biggest was getting rid of Wu Kong early on. He was one and of my first draws and apparently I was lucky getting him. I appreciate the feedback and will definitely try out the defense you suggested.

Who should I focus on leveling up based on my roster?

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