New Player need Guidelines

Hey There, so im new to the Game and need some Help. I play now 3 Weeks and managed Stronghold to lvl13 (in 16hrs), one TC is At 11 right now, i plan to leave it there to dump food for 24/7 Heroes and Then build my other Camps to 20.

I just feel lost which way to go, so whats my Daily Missions how to improve as fast as possible? Did my First Summon today 10x Atlantis with i guess Great Results, Mitsuko/Tuskbold/Melendor/Colen/Agwe/danzaburo as 5/4* mentioned.

Now i feel i need a Strategy to not mess up whats my next steps, so for the Map i guess going “Rainbow” seems effective and my Idea was to focus on Tusk/Tiburtus/Boril/skittle/Li xiu. I would love some recommendations.

On the Map im S1 22/4 and S2 3/1, my Issue is im basically always Short on Food and as u can see not really decisive which hero i should max.

Youtube has no real guides or they atleast 1-3years old, i would love a Mentor/Tutor, prefered a German :D. I have Line :slight_smile:

Also i take some links to usefull Topics here, my Issue is here are way to many topics to read them all.

Edit: I dont mind spend some Money, but i dont exactly which offers are Worth to buy. :frowning:

Thx in advance

Whoa, spending some gems! May want to take it easy as ascension materials are hard to come by.


I Used Gems so far for refills WE and the Chests to Skip, whats the best use of them? Only Summons?

@Bert welcome to the forum!

Have a look here for lots of guides

Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides

Are you in an alliance?

If not, or if your alliance isn’t helpful, there are lots of alliances set up to teach new players.

You can find a list here, but my personal tip is join Guardians Academy

Also, as @KLinMayhem says, go easy on the spending until you’ve got a good idea on what you want to achieve. It’s really easy to end up with lots of things you can’t use yet and regret it later :wink:


Yes im in an Alliance since lvl 4, the Question is which Alliance is good for Beginners? We Manage to Kill 4* Titans and recently 5* but avrg. I would say is 4* and they leave it like to the Last Hour possible?! So i have no Clue if its a good Alliance, also for War i had basically 1 Team,now with the Summons i can Kind of make 3 okay ish Teams, thats the reason Why i summoned.

A good alliance isn’t really about how big the titans are, it’s about strong leadership, a friendly atmosphere and good advice :slightly_smiling_face:

If your alliance doesn’t chat much or offer support and advice, I’d suggest a change

Ye all friendly, Leadership is fine and its the lowest of 4 as far as i remember. So then im Set :slight_smile:

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My Initial Post was in German i guess thats the Issue?! So i try it this way, why is Rigard a better healer then Boldtusk, imo Rigard is heal/cleanse Type aka Defensive and Boldtusk Heal/Buff aka offensive Healer.

Welcome to the forums. The guides you posted are a great starter read.

The best offers are the free ones during seasonal events, as they are free. Also make sure to check your inbox in game for various things Small Giant gives you.

Have fun, enjoy the game, and I hope you didn’t feed away the first Bane you got. He’s pretty useful.

I didnt feed any 3* so far, but i struggle to choose which ones i should work on, if someone experienced can Link me a Thread how to choose a Raidteam Based on X or Y i would appreciate it.

Another thing is my Post is flagged for what exactly? I just asked how should i decide which hero is Greater then the other?!

There’s not really a set way to raid… There are many discussions had as to the various different styles but no concensus really :stuck_out_tongue:

My personal advice is to stack 3 strong against the enemy tank & 2 support heroes. Wills also recommend taking a healer to most every raid you can as it acts as something of a safety net. Go for faster mana speed where you can UNLESS the slow mana speed offsets a devestating effect or great synergy.

Re this part, flags are made based on violations of the #forum-rules & are reviewed by the mods. I suggest you re-read those rules as discussing moderator & moderation actions is also prohibited.

I did reread, but couldnt find any appropiate word Sense or whatever.

So for Raids its more beneficial have “odd” setups like 2/2/1 3/2 4/1 and my Question is how do i Puzzle a Team of my Roster?

As questioned i guess BT is more beneficial then Rigard on offenes due to atk Buff, i see the Point to use Rigard for the Cleanse. My Problem Starts here, i dont have that much food for level 2 same colours, cause i guess purple wise tiburtus and Rigard are both nice.

Thats the reason i level BT and Tiburtus, so for heal/Cleanse i should maybe go for Melendor due green heal/cleanse dude for more options?!

First off, slow down :stuck_out_tongue: it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Yes, definitely don’t raid “rainbow” if you can help it. Stacking colours is beneficial for several reasons. First being that their attack stats all add up for tile damage… So more heroes of the same colour, the more attack stat you have & hence you do more damage off tiles (from the puzzle). Secondly, it means that one “match” charges all the heroes of the colpir… So you can charge more heroes off less matches than if you were doing rainbow. The downside is that not all matches are useful anymore… But it’s a price to pay.

Between BT & Rigard, I would say that Rigard is better. 1) he does more healing 2) he clears status effects from your team (which is phenomenal).

Tiburtus is really great tho too, but I would do Rigard first.

So given that, Rigard Tiburtus and maybe balthazar could be my 3 purples filled with 2 other? Cause i dont have a Lot of options to go “Mono”, Blues wise i have agwe and boril, boril is PvE wise okay, raidwise he doesnt offer alot.

And for yellow Li xiu over Hu tao i guess,just curious why?

And a general question, for Raid its better to use 5* 4* and Last 3*?! Cause statwise their way better, i now 3* are good for tournaments and i should not ignore them, but i need to be specific how to use my food in the current State

Boril is good in raid tank especially in defence. Don’t igonre him.For Raids use your strongest hero irrespective of star levels.

  1. check ur opponent heros and see what each enemy can do .
  2. build your team based on opponents weakness , like stack colors against their tanks or majority of their heros.
  3. bring healer and cleanser
  4. learn to gost tiles as much you can

As for feeding heros , I normally choose based on the hero whom I can level up fast or based on next month’s event .

Well i Play 29 days now, i summoned once a 10x Atlantis.

So given that, my choices are very rare and my “feeding” goes around my best Heroes, i skipped Mitsuko so far cause i Think BT is “easier” to get 3-4/70 then mitsuko.

My Goal in short Term is a Gold Raidteam for the PoV, now i try to Manage build for that and asking what i should Focus on to maximize my success.

I’ve found Boril to be extremely useful in my mostly 4* team. He’s my main Tank and I use him regularly for most things now. He quite regularly just sits in the middle of my team and lets the enemies kill themselves. :smirk: Might be different when I gain a few more 5* but right now he’s a key part of my roster.

Yes i see uses of him and its ok, but for offense hes more or less a “dead spot”, i would pref a Nuker. For defence i did lvl him to 3/60 not sure if i will continue, but for Blues i have no options anyway besides “agwe”.

To ask a Question if i have not an amazing use of him is it worth to "waste"mats to get him 4/70?

All I can say is that I had spent my earliest playing days being constantly annoyed by him on the opposing team. When I did draw him, all other blues got instantly sidelined so I could level him as quickly as possible.

Most heroes are far superior when maxed, but I often put Boril in as flank when he was waiting to ascend to the final tier and he did pretty well there. That just made me more determined to put him at the front of the blue queue was the mats turned up.

For reference I’ve been playing longer than you (August) but am very C2P (budget £5 a month) so had no choice about taking things slowly. I have mostly been focusing on my 4* recently as well as learning how to stack colours to my advantage. As others have said, just take your time, read lots of threads on here and decide which of your current 3 and 4* heroes you want to focus on. The 5*s can wait until later.

The usual advice for leveling heroes is to start with 3*. Build up a bench of 3 3* in each colour, then start on the 4*, repeat there and then move on to 5*.

Maxed 3* will give you a good range of selection for map stages and for alliance wars. They are far easier to get to max than 4* and don’t require any ascension materials that you can’t find in the map stages.

4* are in turn far easier to max than 5* heroes and require less ascension materials that you can’t find on the map stages. Titan chests, elemental monster chests, rare/challenge quests, even Mystic Vision, will be sources for those materials.

Once you have a good bench of heroes in the 3*/4* range then you can start on 5* heroes. By then you should have started collecting the required ascension materials as well. This is typically months down the road, even if you spend money on the game.

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