Newbie needing advice-

First of all, thanks for any input. I’ve been playing for about a month and a half. I’ve been reading these pages and they have some good info that I have attempted to utilize. Here are my heros.


Here is my fortress -

SH - Level 14 ---- iron currently at 792k produced
WT- Level 7 -
3 TC - 1 x 13, 2 x 4
1 Barrack @ 3
3 iron mines @ 14
4 iron storages - 3 x 13 , 1 x 12 (total iron cap 950k)
7 farms - 6 x 13, 1 x 14
3 food storages - 1 x 8, 1 x 9, 1 x 10
3 houses - 1 x 8, 1 x 9, 1 x 10
2 forge - 1 x 5, 1 x 11

My goal right now is to get my SH to level 15 then add more iron mines/farms
and storage.

Now here are my questions -

(1) what 3s should I concentrate on and which should I ignore?
(2) I read that I should have 1 set of 2
rainbow heros - which ones do I keep / develop ?
(3) For raids- what to use as def and what to use as attack?
(4) I have not joined an alliance - when to join and what heros to use?

and I welcome any other suggestions — Thanks to everyone.


U should join an alliance as soon as possible

Best to look in the recruiting section of this forum


3* i would concentrate on would be healers, fast mana strikers, defense droppers, attack buffers, and heroes with high attack stats which you can figure out what is low and what is high by looking through the summons portal in game

3* i would ignore would be the slow mana AoE unless you have extra time and resources to spare

Defense, i would probably go balthazar belithe bane ulmer hawkmoon i think

Offense, it would greatly depend on opponent


If you raid rainbow then probably the same as the defense team above

I should mention that i am greatly out of touch with the 3* meta. So take that advice at face value, if anyone else has suggestions i would advise listening to them as well

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Thanks you Rigs, I appreciate your input.

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Speaking to pt no. 4 first - I second what @rigs has said, you should join a training alliance. There are lots of training alliances that would help you develop your hero roster efficiently. Many new players start levelling their 5* heros not realising they cost heaps in mats - Good thing you’ve been reading information on the forum.

Also, defeated titans drop Ascension materials you will eventually need to level up any 4*+ heros.

Def team, I’d suggest keeping your team 1 but from left to right
Belith, Bane, jahangir, Karill & Baltz - Jahangir is slow but seems the most tanky of the 3* you have already levelled. Belith has the additional buff and healing, both Bane & Baltz fast, although Karill being average might not get to fire tucked into right wing.

Raiding - try stacking 3/2 with the strong colour vs the tank, then double up on the strongest flank.

Heros to ignore
Depends on your own game play 3 star heroes, Keep vs Trash

And… Slow mana heros do very well in very fast 3* tournaments. I’d also keep copies of fast mana heros as you need 30 heros for war. They are very handy for clean ups.

Good luck

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  1. Right now I’d keep almost all 3*. If you get any event 3* (from Atlantis, events, Halloween) I would definitely prioritize those over MOST regular 3*. There are exceptions, and I believe both Rigs and Sarah pointed you to good info.

  2. I am having to catch up on 3*, because when I started playing basically 1 3* team was plenty. Those were the old days. Now I keep at least 3 full teams of 3* (and growing), because they become really valuable in both events and tournaments, plus can really help in war at your level.

  3. I agree with Sarah on defense makeup, and offense it depends on your opponent. You can rotate in and out depending on the tank you face once you get multiple full teams.

  4. If you could join yesterday I would. Lol. There are LOTS of great Alliances out there, whether strictly training or a training Alliance as part of a bigger family, the recruiting board has tons of options. Just do your due diligence and find a home that was knowledgeable players to help you grow.

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Welcome welcome. :slight_smile: you’ll find lots of useful information here, but alliances can give more frequent and personalized help. I’d love to chat if you have Line.

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[quote=Sharky57] (1) what 3 *s should I concentrate on and which should I ignore?
(2) I read that I should have 1 set of 2 rainbow heros - which ones do I keep / develop ?
(3) For raids- what to use as def and what to use as attack?
(4) I have not joined an alliance - when to join and what heros to use? [/quote]

  1. As far as 3 stars, concentrate on the following: Ulmer, Bane, Belith, Hawkmoon, Gan Ju, and Friar Tuck. As those are the ones you will be using most. The others still keep around for color stacking and class quests.

  2. Have your first rainbow picks be your main peeps. The second as a back up or for different skills and such. Having at least two different rainbow teams ensures at least when you do Alliance Wars that you can use at least 2 flags.

  3. When I first started I used my defense and offense on the same team. It is when my bench started growing that I could decide which heroes are gonna be on defense. Here is who I would put on your defense with what you have in this order: Jahangir, Friar Tuck, Gan Ju, Belith, Ulmer. Gan ju can be replaced with Bane if you want. But based on your roster that is what my defense will be. Your offense team will change based on who you are facing. Ideally you will want to stack the tank’s weakest color. Say if you were facing a Friar Tuck at tank, then you would want two reds in your offense team. When you stack heroes of the same color, then your tile damage of that color goes up.

  4. Search up alliances that are recruiting in the forums. When you find one you like, hit em up!