Question about mana troop and Mitsuko

Inhale mana troop level 17 and my Mitsuko don’t full mana with 9 stones. Has any bug here?
With other color mana troops all average heroes get full with 9 stones except here.
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Mitsuko needs to be supported by a level 23 Mana Troop for her to shave one tile, thus firing after 9 tiles instead of 10 as required to all heroes at average speed mana.


Isn’t it suppoed to be level 23? in order to speed up Average mana heroes?


Here’s a chart that might help you see what’s needed to reach the point where you need one less tile to charge the special of an average hero.

From the chart titled Mana bonus you can see that you need a bonus to mana of 12% or better to have an average hero charge with 9 tiles. Further down you can see that mana troops that are between levels 17-22 will only give you an 11% boost to mana. If you look at the rest of the guide you might be able to figure out why other heroes are charging faster even though they only have the same level of mana troops. A costume bonus or a class ability would give that extra 1% to boost the mana bonus into the next level.

I hope this helps! If you have more questions, just ask!

(and thanks again @Pollikin for producing this resource!)


Maybe your other average heroes have an additional mana bonus like an emblem node with additional +2%, costume bonus (up to 5%) or a family bonus.
When I use my mitsuko together with inari (Same family) they charge in 9 tiles when they have lvl 17-22 mana troops equipped.

@Pollikin this is the best and most clear chart ive seen. Thank you!


Those percentages aren’t that interesting, I’m still searching for mana troop lvl x needs y tiles to charge vs, s, a, f & vf.

Additionally if costume, family and/or talent mana bonuses will shove another tile.

It’s all about the amount of tiles to charge your heroes.

You can get all of that from the chart, # of tiles is in parens.


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