Does level 23 mana troops make fast heros really fast now?

Just SS the title says.

No. A 29 mana troop lets them charge in seven tiles. As far as i know, they can never get to six. A level 23 troop will let them charge in seven tiles if some other mana bonus applies as well though (class talent node, costume bonus, etc.)

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Heroes a break down of the troops needed to shave off a tile.

Lvl 29: Fast Heroes

Lvl 23: Average Heroes

Lvl 11: Very Fast Heroes

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Okay cool. Thanks for the the input guys.

I think it is possible under a really particular circumstance. You need 34%, bonus, so a 29 mana troop gives you 15%, Druid/Monk/Sorcerer gives you 4% mana node, and a family bonus +15%.
Breaking that down, that gives you Thoth-Amun as your only candidate with a +15% family bonus if you have 3 2017 HoTMs… There may be other families, but I can’t keep up with them.

Obviously I’m not considering heroes that give a mana bonus

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This is god