Could my Kunchen become average mana speed?

Please, if it’s possible…could you show me the way? :wink:

Level 30 mana troop…

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Ariel can make him average mana speed. But Ariel herself has average mana speed, so what’s the point?

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At lvl 30…how much is the % of mana my hero gains?

Level 29 mana troops give the maximum mana rate boost of 15%. To take a slow mana hero like Kunchen to medium requires a 24% mana rate boost. To make up the remaining 9% will require emblems and some sort of additional boost(s) like other hero special effects. Suffice to say he will not be able to charge at the average rate normally without assistance.


Okay…add in additional 24% mana boost of Lance or Ariel.

No, not enough to go medium… and external buffs only allow it for short durations, which may or may not help. And those heroes aren’t usually desirable to pair with Kunchen.

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Since alot of answers are misleading here, lvl 17 mana troop converts slow hero to average


That is itself misleading. lvl17 mana troop shaves off 1 tile, so it takes 11 tiles to charge instead of 12. Average is 10 tiles.


Please don’t spread wrong info if you don’t know what you’re talking about. 11 tiles is not average. You cannot get a slow hero to 10 (average) without mana buffs.


Yep, you will need a lot of external mana boost to improve on slow mana.
Typical tiles required to charge respective hero’s mana speeds as gotten from one of the topics:
Very fast = 6.5
Fast. = 8
Average. = 10
Slow. = 12
Very slow. =13.5
There are extensive discussions on mana, mana troops, etc on the forum, search through to get more info.

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check this info-graphic to know what level of troops you need to reduce the tile by 1


I use alby + Ariel for 34% mana buff.
Alby with lvl19 mana troops. Once this duo fires, Ariel becomes fast and alby average.

You can use Kiril with him but Kiril has not speed mana too. Same for Khagan.

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