Battle to the last man. 10 vs 10! ARE you prepared to have super fullfiling and puzzling experience?! OFCOURSE YOU DO. READ further! :slight_smile:

Maximum hero points = 30*
Legendary hero costs = 5*
Epic hero costs = 3*
Rare hero or lesser costs = 1*

Examples :
a) 5 * legendaries (25*) + 3 rare (5*) = 30*
b) 4* legendaries (20) + 2 epic (6*) + 4 rare (4*) = 30*
c) 3* legendaries (15) + 4 epic (12*) + 3 rare (3*) = 30*
d) 2* legendaries (10*) + 6 epic (18*) + 2 rare (2*) = 30
e) 1* legendary (5*) + 8 epics (24*) + 1 rare (1*) = 30*

Make a team from 10 heroes. How you setup team is completely up to you (all blue, 7 reds 3 greens etc,…)

There is front line and back line.

Front line : passively gains mana + when their element is chosen and gets passive defense and attack bonus
Back line : only gains mana, when their element is chosen

Targeting :
Specials for all : target either front or back line whole
Specials for target and nearby : targets one then one to each side. If target is in corner then also targets one in the back in same line.
Specials for one : targets one

Each round, the element is chosen. You have to pick one to find out if you found correct one.

Every hero of the chosen element gains mana (enemy as well) and gets one slash attack (attacker can direct attack). // Slash attacks can only affect front line first until defeated then back line (specials can target anyone)
If you choose correct element, random 2 heroes of your team gain some extra mana and 2 extra slash attacks. Next round progresses to dragon bomb dragon bomb
Hitting correct element again gives even more mana to random 3 heroes and 3 extra slash attacks and progresses further. Next round is diamond!diamond
If you hit even 3rd consecutive time correct element, random 5 heroes gain big mana gain and extra 5 slash attacks.

For DEFENDERS : if you fail to choose correct element, your enemy gains 1 extra slash attack and 1 hero little mana gain. Failing cosencutively twice, grants them 2 slash attacks and 2 heroes little mana gain, and 3rd time gives them 3 extra slash attacks and 3 heroes little mana gain . It doesnt scale beyond extra 3 slash attacks.

Last man standing wins and progresses you to next round (end results are prizes ofc). Each remaining hero in your team earns you few emblems of his talent. Enemy gains few of each for successful defense. Each succesfull progression increases your rewards . This event lasts for 3 days (monthly) and you have 3 flags daily. There is an end rewards like tournament (top 1%, top 5% etc,…)

Here is how setup would actually look!

It will be another fun way to introduce 3* and 4* more into competition.

LETS ALL VOTE THIS!!! :smiley:

Moderators please send this feature to the devs, thats all i humbly ask. Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:

// added EXTRA FEATURE later : using special on elements in the middle (for example caedmon shoots red element instead hero) excludes red element from next round of choosing (only once per turn. Single target excludes 1 element, target and nearby 2 and to all 3 elements - Azlar for example). So instead choosing among 5 elements, you are choosing among 4 (bigger chance for your preferred element or to exclude enemy strongest element = he has 3 remaning red heroes out of 4 heroes in total). You can only exclude element of each colour once per match, for a total number of 5 times.

Between each round, the normal board could also be included and the GOAL of it is only to make biggest combo in 1 round. THE BIGGER THE COMBO, the better is MULTYPLIER for allied slash attacks and mana generation. Next round, board is reset and you try to make another combo, before CHOOSING ELEMENT

edit : As tourneys and wars have rules, this one would to :

  • all family and realm bonuses are increased
  • all family and realm bonuses are reduced to 0
  • Barbarian might : slash attacks deal increased dmg
  • Vampire leech : all healings are 30% dispersed among enemy

Staff does read through this section frequently, and they have taken ideas from here and implemented in the game.

For instance the new raid formations aren’t out in the live game yet, but we did see them in beta previously and they were originally requested in Ideas & Feature Requests.

However it’s a bit ambitious to have that in the very next beta lol. If the team does consider your idea, maybe it will be next year. I expect they have a timeline of other things they’re working on. But thank you for taking the time to detail your idea here :slight_smile:


Well ofc, it wasnt expected to be in next beta :stuck_out_tongue:

But thank you for an explanation.

Did you read idea and find it worthy of consideration?

I feel idea is simple, but still engaging and deep enough.

It also connects 3* with 5* heroes which no event does… This would also factor in small advantages of having heroes from same family (like atlantis or so) which is otherwise very hard to set up. :slight_smile:

I skimmed the thread and I like the idea of letting us use lower rarity heroes more often. I like the idea of making moves more strategic too rather than just stack strong color and move tiles like most game content currently is.

I will have more time to read it in depth later – in between work breaks not enough time


Huh… expected the idea to get more traction :confused:

With ideas, i am always in doubt whether I make too long text for readers interest…

But somehow , I gotta present whole idea first :slight_smile:

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This idea gives greater meaning to already implented features and also makes new ones :

  • No event or feature makes use of playing 3 along 4 and 5* stars.** This one does.

  • Gives use/ meaning to less used 3 * and 4*. Direct dmg from 3* is not usefull when hitting 5*, but having 3* put defense down, dispell, buff defense, or deal dmg over time (which overcomes heavy defense of 5* - example Oberon) does alot more.

  • This feature heavily promotes use of FAMILY BONUSES! its really hard and expensive to make family out of 5* but managable making family from 3* 4* 5* combined… This also makes 3* and 4* that more competitive and people can be more motivated in obtaining complete family.

  • Promotes decision making (using specials on elements, sacrificing dmg for potential of bigger mana bonus and slash attacks). Use 3* who deals dmg to all to remove 3 elements at once in selection and save Azlar for dealing dmg to enemy.

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Don’t be sad, most people only like their own ideas or if they come from someone “famous”, 70 million voted for trump and his ideas, if he wasn’t famous he would be in mental asylum and no one would care, so just rename yourself to a top player name from YouTube and the fanboys will come :laughing: I proposed limited reruns in challenge events for months, no one cared but now we have ninja tower, so who’s your daddy now :crazy_face::laughing:

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Hah, you hypocrite :smiley:

I saw you get top 100 in last event in every category and use loads of flasks and items ! And here you are promoting limited reruns hahah ! I salute your style and congrats :smiley:

Btw, glad you like the idea and help a little to keep the idea from going necro :wink:

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A bit hypocritical, but not totally correct, just 20 flasks and those ranks😄

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