NEW HEROES : PRIMORDIAL BEINGS for each element - tied to the last man standing event

I know what is SG thinking… :stuck_out_tongue: With every new event, we introduce new heroes. But which heroes would fit to the new event - Last man standing?

And I HAVE AN ANSWER! Beings who have widstood the father time itself!

Primordial beings, who shaped the mysterious land of Empires& Puzzles!

STORY : In the begining, they were send forth to shape land by each element, to hold balance in world. After many eras, they were finished and summoned back to the divine planes. But the creator gods got bored and created an event to enjoy themselves. The primordial beings were sent back to the E&P world to participate in the event and represent their creators. After landing, they found many things were different from their last visit. Elements not in peace but in constant struggle for dominion over each other. What it seemed like a fun nostalgic visit to their created world, turned out to be a grand mission in restoring balance. But first, they must take their role in the event, to demostrate POWER!


  • HRAKHIN’DUZZ : Fire male elemental / RED - represents eartquakes, heat , revolution,
  • SHELISE : Water female elemental / BLUE - represents cleansing, strong currents, change
  • XEFELOS : neutral Being of pure darkness / DARK - repressents hopelesness, dominion, missdirection
  • AKAN : being in form of tree dragon / NATURE represents creation, perserverance, the very essence of time
  • ASURIA : female phoenix / HOLY represents truth, hope, blessings

These beings have unique set of skills, created from the very beginings of time and never replicated. they are always at ‘‘work’’, fulfulling the creators wishes.

  1. They have PERNAMENT effect (begining of every ROUND) and normal special as E&P heroes. PERNAMENT EFFECT cant be dispelled but can be stopped for a next round if they get damaged by strong element (either slash, tile or special skill) // for example : Any blue hero can stop fire element

  2. Elemental beings dont do slash attacks and tile damage is reduced by 50% // to balance out pernament effect

  3. They have unique talent class , available only to the primordial beings as themselves :

ELEMENTAL : each talent rank : upon taking any sort of dmg, they heal themselves for 4%, 5%,6%7%, 8 % of their health at the end of turn. They can use any emblems, but their progression is reduced by 40%.

HEROES description :

ATT : 744
DEFF : 756
HP : 1348
PERNAMENT : every round, she dispells 1 target and deals 80% water dmg. She also cleanses 1 target and heals for 12% hp
SPECIAL : for 3 turns, she deals 66 water dmg to all. First round she dispells all enemies and second round, she cleanses all allies and heals for 15%. Last round she deals 180% dmg to all enemies.

ATT : 712
DEFF : 789
HP : 1524
PERNAMENT : each round, one target cant gain mana for a round
SPECIAL : for 3 turns, all allies and enemies are caught in darkness. Allies specialls skills are stronger by 30% and are healed for 30% of dmg dealt. Enemies have 20% chance to attack their ally from terror for 100% dmg and cant cast special that turn (they can generate mana).

ATTACK : 777
DEFF : 707
HP : 1277
PERNAMENT : each round, he creates a minion for two allies (15% ATT 8% HP) and gives them 77 hp heal at the end of turn.
SPECIAL : ALL allies excluding caster gain 15% mana. Caster cuts 15% mana, deals 150% dmg to target enemy and gains a 100% protection aganist fire for 2 turns (cant be dispelled and cant stop pernament effect).

ATT : 833
DEFF : 633
HP : 1417
SPEED : Very Slow
PERNAMENT : Every turn, she has a 50% chance to get revived with 10% HP. Upon death, she gains 20% mana. She buffs 20% attack to random two allies for 2 turns.
SPECIAL : Deals 400% dmg to the center, 300% dmg to flanks, 200% dmg to wings. All enemies have healing reduced by 50% and cant be revived for two turns (cant be dispelled).

DEAR SG : I designed you Thor, and partially ninjas (3 charge system). You can trust me on this one :stuck_out_tongue: (pinky promise)

What do you players think? Can our wallets handle this? VOTE :smiley:

No, and 20 times more “no”


This is a little absurd. It’s a neat ideal but would be absolutely terrible in practice I think.

Kinda like communism.

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I apologize for piggy-backing on this thread, but I couldn’t figure out how to make a new suggestion on this ridiculously not very user friendly forum. Our guild has multiple people join and leave daily. They join looking for rare titans. If there is a rare titan they join in numbers and often kill it before regular members even get an attack in - some of us sleep and work. My suggestion is this: make it so no titan rewards can be received until a person has been a member of the guild for at least three days. This will stop the titan sniping guild hoppers.

What do you find absurd or terrible in practice and why?

Their pernament ability each round instead of slash attack or ability to stop pernament ability with strong element? :slight_smile:

All values can be adjusted if they are absurd to more balanced values… What i am interested to know if people find concept interesting addition? :slight_smile:

it’s an interesting concept but I fear that something like the permanent effects you list will just be way too strong in practice.
Slash attack is way less effective than stopping mana for a turn EVERY turn on a diff hero. that’s like having a single target hel who just keeps firing.
with some serious refining it could work but as it looks now these heroes would be godly. way worse than telly 1.0 lol

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I see…

Well, they are primordial beings, so they got to be among top tier :stuck_out_tongue:

On your example about stopping mana. If you hit him with any yellow tiles, yellow hero special or slash attack, you prevent him from casting. So he doesnt do pernament effect neither slash attack which is worse than normal heroes :slight_smile:

Xefelos also doesnt deal any direct dmg , so he just has strong offensive and defensive support abilites :slight_smile:

I agree though, values have to be adjusted. I think all abilites which affect two heroes every round should be adjusted to 1, for starters… so it would be more in line of 1 slash attack = 1 effect from pernament ability

Pernament effect is also heavy countered if you put primordial being as a tank since most tiles go there :slight_smile:

Akan could potentialy work at tank with fire protection at fast speed, but has lowest HP amongs primordial beings.

Ok I gotcha.
they are adding another passive thing to new HOTM so it’s not like its unprecedented, but like you said itd have to be finely tuned.
also the other fear is this seems to be a step towards 6* heroes. I hope that never happens. and the chances they’d assign to getting them would prob be extremely prohibitive.
It IS an interesting concept, though, I fear SG would bastardize it one way or another lol.

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I wouldnt want 6* heroes as well…

I will try to fine tune them myself to see if its possible to introduce such effect to the appropriate leves. :slight_smile:

Just beacuse I am married to the idea and a bit blind for it :slight_smile:

I know what follows is a self praise, but I am really happy with how concepts rolled out for these beings :
Fire being’s heat is melting armors away and when ready (special), the whole earth trembles from eruption, catching all those who didnt find shelter

Water being’s washes everything away (the most boring by lore, but her mechanic in game would probably feel rewarding… waiting for that 2nd round of wave… like drinking water when thirsty :smiley:

Dark being would really terrorize…you wouldnt feel in trouble until your heroes panic and start attacking each other and enemy heroes are empowered like hyenas going for easy prey.

Nature being is methodic in his approach, only interfering on rare occasions, but rather mending to the living and promothing growth to the surrondings to deal with problems on their own.

And holy hero really feels like people are waiting and waiting for miracle…Getting only small signs in return. Until it lands in all its glory and might! And people rejoice! :slight_smile:

Did I mention im in love with the idea of incorporating this beings? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello there :slight_smile:

Click ‘‘community forum sign’’ on top left, then you will find ‘‘new topic’’ on your right, just bellow your characther :slight_smile:

severely off topic, but I’ll answer.
First, Titan mercs (short for mercenary) have been all but obliterated by SG bc they’ve nerfed titan loot to almost nothing unless you’re in the alliance when the titan spawns.
Second, Make your alliance “invite only”. By keeping it public you literally invite what you are complaining about.
Third, NO, no more nerfing of merc loot. The few that still do it, do it by choice and bc they like helping out (the majority at least).

So really theres no need to further solutions to what you’ve proposed, it’s been tinkered with and fixed ad nauseam. @byalladjust

Back to what the OP was talking about.
It has promise, and who knows maybe SG sees some of this stuff and will start working some stuff up.

I enjoy the thought you’ve put into these designs @Cerevan_the_Omni and it was fun to read the hero “cards”. I find user created content to be pretty awesome at times.
I just wish SG saw how much this playerbase really enjoys the core of the game and could shed away some of its naked greed.

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