2021 Sneak Peek - Discussion

This exactly, I’m not pulling anymore because I have 25, yes, 25 heroes at 3/70 waiting for mats. I’m with you, add everything you want, I’ll love Season 4, I’ll hang in the Events, I’ll have fun raiding and using my S1 heroes the best I can and a few scattered better ones that come along. I’m even a newer player that had the Vela/Tel/GM combination and understand why that had to happen. I’m good, with it all, but that ascension drop rate is just a joke, and seems to have dropped. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a 4* from a Titan, or war chest or color hero chest. I’m quite confident I’ve had just as many from the Mythic Vision as I have from everything else.

Last year I spent money to get Ascension Items, and it just kills me now that I did, but to keep playing the game the way I wanted required it. But I just can’t do it anymore, it’s too expensive, they drop too little. I’m still one 5* away from having a complete WAR set, but I have enough waiting that I won’t need to pull again until 2022. Lord Loki, Krampus, Cobalt, I’ve got some cool heroes, but I just can’t afford right now to be in a high-competing alliance. And Without Miki/Tarlak or other non-wuKong attack boosters I can’t qualify for a titan tank, sure would’ve been nice had SG made Wu a better Titan attacker with that costume, but alas, no. Just give me some QOL back, I beg you.


So, in summary, if the developers actually do take the feedback into account, the new events sound interesting, but costumes on the most powerful heroes is a massive fail.

Who wants to start a betting pool? I would put money on them not listening to every single response and proceed to release costumes on the strongest heroes in the game.

Any takers?

Do the new events actually sound appealing or are you just more appealed to a pretty looking graphic with new faces? Let’s face it, everything else with be exactly the same. Same event modes with same reward tiers just with shiny new faces.

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Not gonna lie, I love a cheesy storyline, so am looking forward to a new season.

Hoping the heroes are further balanced to deliver a reasonable powercreep as opposed to what we have seen so far…less said about Finley’s, Jabber’s and Killhare’s costumes the better!

Instead of doing new stuff why not fix all the crap that’s wrong with the game first. i.e. the cheating in the raids and the extremely mismatched wars. It seems like the only thing the developers are interested in is getting us to fill their pockets with real money and not on actually fixing the game.


Please also implement competition Last man standing, presented here :

This event is great from many reasons :

  • currently only one, which would mix 3* and 4* amongs 5* heroes events and does this organically.
  • it pleases all tacticians when they are setting up team
  • it promotes usage of FAMILY bonuses better than anything currently or planned. Its alot harder to make complete family bonus or realms bonus from 5* , but if you combine 3* and 4* as well, it makes everything better
  • offers new style of playing while staying true to E&P core
  • it evens out more playing field amongs F2p and big spenders
  • It would go hand in hand with feature craft LEGENDARy items, which would boost 3* and 4* while offer option for 5* to switch stats. ( another way for SG to expand on their revenue options ) Heroes equipment

So, still nothing new about the duplicate heroes? :roll_eyes:

Lunx, they don’t make all other heroes irrelevant since -by your own admission- most people won’t even get these heroes. To get more than one I in a month would have to be incredibly lucky.
And I would not spend more - some will, of course. I don’t care what heroes are used in the top 100, I don’t think I get there within the next 12 months (have been playing for 20 months) and winning is just of little importance to me. Some will spend a fortune, many spend nothing - all make this great group of E&P players. Of course there is power creep, but again , why not?
Stop blaming the developers: they are providing all of us with a great game and have absolute nothing to do with the financial structure. I love this game and I love summoning heroes and accept that sometimes I get only 3 stars. If you can’t accept this, then you are playing the wrong game. I believe you guys are a small but vocal minority because the names of the contributors are always the same. And there are so many folk playing this game, a few hundred or a few thousand complaining is just a splash in the E&P pool.


Really? Your memory should be bad. Athena has been nerfed few months after being released. Boldtusk was too. It was in almost all the top 10 defenses, his healing and attack boost was so good that people prefer him to 5*. Until the nerf…
Nerf is the simple way to summup SG story. They nerf EP every time they add something,

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haven’t read all the details

but it looks like something that could take advantage of the new raid formations that’s on the way

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Can you please define “great game”? I’m afraid I’m not sharing at all your meaning of this “great game”.

A game that requires daily hours of farming to grab basic resources that standard game provide by automatic mechanics cannot be great.
A game that does not provide enough resources to participate to mythic titan every month (how many titan heart are you grabbing monthly?) cannot be great.
A game that cannot queue on its building production cannot be great.
and so on.

Since I discover “free games” I got fun on several of them, but one day or another I let them because farming was winning against fun. It makes a while that it’s also true with EP, the main difference with previous games is that I’m still taking fun with my teammates.

I forgot:
A game that crashes several times a day (specially during titan attacks, raid attacks, raid tournament attacks and war attacks) cannot be great. I got to install my game on my android phone because I cannot rely on ipad version.


I feel event ‘‘the last man standing’’ connects so many missing links, which are currently in E&P that its vital, that they make it, among other things :slight_smile:

I know that this is self praise, but I wont be fake humble if I really think that concept is great! :slight_smile:

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a game that as an adult I’ve found years of enjoyment from and continue to do so

:man_shrugging: simple enough to me

if you don’t enjoy it, or never enjoyed it, or believe you wont enjoy it in the future…you have options

find something else more enjoyable

find why you spent so much time on something you never enjoyed

enjoy it until it becomes unenjoyable

just what i would do.

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Unmentioned in the Sneak Peek is Raid formations

Even more than Raid Formations itself, is the planned PUBLIC BETA test of Raid Formations. It is such a potentially huge change they actually want data en masse to see if any heroes in certain configurations become drastically overpowered or not before they commit to implementing it. :clap: :clap: And it became much better IMO from the first round beta testing to the second round.

  • All-New Hero Upgrades : If this is like “artifacts / weapons” (a second slot of troops with different bonuses) similar to other Match-3 games, I’d be for it as it. Otherwise, please no more tiers or levels for heroes.
  • More Quality of Life changes : Friendly Raids are going to be GREAT!.. At the top of my list otherwise: Improving the in-game chat would be #1. Looking at you, line return, colors and emojis. Filters for the roster and revamping the common Quests also seem overdue.

Also, I don’t know if this can be said enough, but players need a way to reset heroes to recover Ascension Materials as heroes get nerfed or otherwise obsoleted over time.


Thanks Game has established a hero marketing market under the name of continuous innovation, most importantly, it constantly nerfs on the product it sells under the name of innovation. This situation is becoming repulsive and disturbing. The game has established a hero marketing market under the name of continuous innovation, most importantly, the product it sells is also innovating as it innovas. This is becoming repulsive. I hope you’ll be our voice. Expensive packages, bad luck, nerf We’re sick of it.

While you are right to a point, I agree with @Homaclese…luck doesn’t jive with why some team members are constantly hitting titans harder, winning at a higher percentage in wars, and surviving and placing high in tourneys (with largely the same quality rosters). If luck were the biggest factor then we’d see a rotating leaderboard on the war hits, Titan hits, tourneys, etc… In my experience, the same few members always rise to the top and do better. Do they just have lucky accounts that favors them all the time? No…they tweak the advantages they have better than others. Sure there is a bad war, tourney, or Titan hits here and they’re BECAUSE of bad luck…but they are consistently better than others in the long run.


To clarify…Myztero doesn’t “throw back” the ailments. He copies the ones that hit him and applies them to all enemies. You need a cleanser to make Bera’s special ailment “not do anything to you”. Myztero can’t get rid of the ailments himself.

I believe they fall under QoL.

There is everything in this sneak peek but the one thing they EXPLICITLY PROMISED. And yeah im talking about the promise they made us 2+ years ago and still counting. Where is our way to deal with duplicate heroes? You said you are working on it guys but we see anything but that in progress. So what about it didnt you just LIE IN OUR FACE for 2+ years or did you?


i don’t think they lied.

i think they have a pretty linear production setup and it’s in the “to do” list somewhere but they just haven’t got to it yet. They may have already had a chunk of stuff in the works or scheduled for the works when they decided HA wasn’t the right choice to solve the duplicates issue and the issue got put to the back of the line.

that is pure speculation and just what i “think” so could be way off and can’t say for sure they didn’t lie, they may have…who knows

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