WHAT will be the response of SG to similar games with much potential?

SG is currently knowingly or unkowingly in a more competitive rat race!
Very similar games to Empires and Puzzles are out and they are trying to correct mistakes and improve areas (some things are better already from start) which SG is lacking for long time, but doesnt adresses them to an extent playerbase would wish.

Thus, many big time SG players are already testing waters with such new games.

Will SG react appropriately and significantly improve the E&P experience we are currently getting? I hope they will do much more than what was listed for year 2021.

From the poll of what community wishes, planned features of SG for 2021 are the least wanted from community! Year is still young, SG please respond accordingly!
A letter to an old friend ( Khagan to Ratatoskr) - COMMUNITY SENDING MESSAGE TO SG (MUST READ!) - #6 by Cerevan_the_Omni (you can still vote)

My preferred solutions to improve SG experience:


-LAST MAN STANDING New event - LAST MAN STANDING // Give more opportunity and meanings in combining family/realm bonuses, harmonicaly mixing 3*,4* and 5* heroes, and new tactical approaches


  • buffs to weakest HOTMS, weaker premium heroes, SEASON 2 heroes ( they would still be weaker than current S4 or premium heroes but not to such extent) // ALSO no COSTUMES for NON S1 heroes!
  • better alliance loot for mythic titans (does anyone even feel, like this is an alliance event?



  • CRAFT LEGENDARY EQUIPMENT Heroes equipment - #8 by Cerevan_the_Omni // make current heroes less rigid and introduces another way of strategic approaches. Also improves situation for f2p players.

  • Grow your mini TITAN (helps in map stages, titans, tournaments, wars, events, but not weekly tournaments and raids

  • Castle attacks, defenses (is done in parts / front gate , breaching wall, courtyard, palace, prison (rescue mission)

  • RUINS excavations New feature : RUINS/ DUNGEON EXCAVATION

  • More PUZZLES and puzzles mini games in your town



  • More interactive options to do in town (buildings, features)

Just to name a few :slight_smile:



SG just need to improve the balance and game quality to keep players engaged.

now it is all new heros and more new heros in the beta it gets boring to see them only focusing on that.

we still are missing many basic quality improvements (titan flags and total hits for each member, number of waves and monsters on each stage/quest, more alliance info and stats… etc)

more importantly, balancing old heros it has been 10 months since the last good buffs update.

best new feature added was the new formations and now it has been closed without any statements of the conclusion results…


Springvale event just started, and i feel very disaponted by those outdated heroes of event. Master Lepus for example, gives 410 damage and minor, and have reduced defense, is just crap compared with new heroes. SG add new seasons and powerfull heroes, but many of old heroes are outdated, and we play some usless events with obsolete outdated heroes.

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What exactly is the source of your disappointment? :thinking:
Because there’s nothing exciting to be pulled?

Lepus still holds his own.

People think the debuff is an issue, but to compensate he hits as hard on one target as the best snipers, and has splash damage too. He has been a staple on my defence for a couple of years now, and an integral part of my blue raid squad. Because he just kills stuff, simple.

And even the debuff is an advantage sometimes as it is a lesser percentage than most enemy debuffs and is undispellable, so he can be better off against defence debuff heroes

Underestimate the power of the Big Blue Bunny at your peril


Master Lepus is really outdated if you compare him to C. Marjana. He is still a solid hero though, just need slight balance patch.

Lepus 795 attack , C. Marjana 753 ( Lepus adv)
Lepus 690 defense, C. Marjana 704 (Marjana adv)
Lepus 1194 hp, C. Marjana 1499 hp ( Marjana adv 300 HP difference)!!!
Lepus 410% splash, C. Marjana 358% splash (adv Lepus)
Lepus - 20% def to himself, C. Marjana splash elemtal def down and -54 splash def attack vs blue to others


I suppose if you already have a lot of the other strong heroes in the game, Lepus and Killhare might not seem that special. Not compared to many of the newer 5* heroes released since their release.

But for a mostly vanilla player like me? They are still formidable opponents. And I will gladly take one should RNG choose to show such mercy on me.


My roster can’t be considered remotely vanilla and I’d still take any of the 5*. I’m short on Blue 5* so I’d take there hands off for Lepus. Killhare is still one of the best purple wing heroes too.

Are some of the new heroes flashier? Sure but that doesn’t mean these guys don’t have a use and since I have none of them I’ll happily accept one should the game give me one. I’ve been saving EHT since Christmas and have 30 to throw at it on 1st April.


I underestimated the Springvale heroes before, because they look like cartoon characters, and most of their special skills end up harming their own teams after being cast.

Until one day I casually wandered into a fight against a Killhare wing.

Been terrified of wabbits ever since.



Why so humble? I would gladly take all 3 and put them on defense -

Frigg - Sir Roostley - Jean Francouis - Killhare - Lepus

Death by bunny bombs!

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Lepus is no better than S1 hero as Magni for example:
Both ar fast
Lepus 410 damage and splash, Magni 420 damage
Lepus gets -20% defence for 3 turns, magni and nearby allies gets +63% defence 4 turns
Lepus 795/690/1194 Magni 793/591/1334.

No offence i intend, but with such short life, and def down, this Lepus hero seems very outdated to me, and yes, i am disapointed that such event that runs once a year gives such crap hero.

Events was supposed to bring joy and good heroes, not disapointment.

Please note that discussing competitors’ games on the forum is strictly forbidden. Some posts have been removed from this topic.


Literally double the damage output for Lepus vs Magni. I’d glady trade in some defense buffs and a minor debuff for that. Particularly when talking about synergies with other multi-hit blue buffers/debuffers that don’t work with Magni nearly so well.

My Magni will forever stay at 3/70 unless the costume comes his way. I would meanwhile gladly max out Lepus if he knocked on my door

Also, defense 690 vs defense 591 is a much more impactful difference than health 1334 vs health 1194. At 591 defense all attacks will be significantly higher than your defense (including 4*s) so the amount of damage done against you will scale up considerably. At 690 defense your defense will most likely be a bit lower than most attacks so there won’t be an exponentially higher damage done against you.

Note I am speaking assuming like for like in terms of emblems of attackers and defenders as both can scale up equally and have roughly the same ratio unemembled.


Yeah I don’t see Lepus and Magni as the same. Lepus gets my scopes, Magni is still sat untouched and I have 12 scopes…


Lepus+C.Magni = fast mana devastation. I like my blue bunny. Thorne+CB is weaker.

what other games are like/better than this?
are they more player friendly?

or is it same 0.3% to summon something good for thousands of dollars like SG?

This is what truly kills this game
summon % and the fact that powercreep happens without allowing us to reset our old and crappy heroes.

Another brilliant move would be to allow us to RESET out hero for the shinier new pixel they release. But hey, its all about the $

0.3% that is our jam, if SG can do it anyone can!


The first rule of Fight Club is… Only ever talk about Fight Club! :laughing:

@Cerevan_the_Omni you’ll soon realise that almost every request for useful information or QoL changes falls on deaf ears or is ignored, yet mention another game… and as if like magic:


There are now, more than ever, tons of nearly identical clones of this game out there that offer very similar heroes and gameplay, but at a lower price point / higher summoning chance.

I am not allowed to mention them here, but they exist.

That’s not to say I personally recommend any of them. Never played them personally. My girlfriend tried one out, said she pulled a bunch of good heroes early on without spending a penny. But she didn’t stick with it because her and I are already “invested” in E&P, and neither one of us have the will or energy to build up entirely new rosters from scratch in another game (even if the grass is greener).

One great positive that I have taken away from this game is, that if people are willing to pay thousands of dollars on a game like this, there’s a good chance I can come up with something cheesy and sell it for $1 profit apiece. Get a million takers, and boom. I’m a millionaire.

Don’t stop believing, right?


Is the grass ever really that much greener?

I came to this because the game I was playing had so many ads in it (E&P was one of course and caught my eye)

It was a fun game but everything could be advanced with Ads. So I watched hundreds of ads…I lasted a month in it before I’d had enough.

Tried this game and enjoyed it.

Now as above I’m sure there clones but the main thing I see is they give more things for free.

Which is classic gacha. Early supporters get better stuff to encourage you to both stick with it but to rope in others too.

The one often mentioned has worse graphics then this one. Looks rougher and if just getting stuff for free floats your boat then crack on. I like the art of this one and after 2 years I’m still logging in because I want to. Not because I need to or because I have to. Because I like it enough to keep playing.

And when I’ve had enough of something I just walk, money spent be darned. I don’t care. The day something is a not an enjoyable waste of my time it gets ditched.


You are truly a consumer’s consumer. I commend you for that.

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