Upcoming Q&A with Game Designers - Spring 2021 Edition (Questions)

Can you balance all hero’s regularly? Say every 3 to 6 months? And not just touch the hero’s that make profit. Let’s balance the entire game.

Can we take away the ridiculous pay wall with friendly attacks? Let us practice with our teammates and ourselves without waiting per day and paying for it.


Thanks for arranging this Q&A section, all of my questions are basically included by many forum member questions but, want to know that are they one of the decision maker on game mechanism design and hero balancing work ? Will they only briefty reply or able to gives more solid reply ? Sorry for this sharp question and may be a bit harsh…

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Any news on the new breakers to use dupes to take 5* into superheroes ?

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Was there any change in the company’s internal QC recently ?
I am asking this because we have seen many issues recently in the live game:

  • Two issue in a row about the Mythic titan (empty team usage or false warning about empty team, and the fix caused another issue in the next event, which made the event not playable for a while)
  • Various tournament issues (the preparating phase in not started in time on Sunday earlier this year more time, and now the current week’s tournament issue)
  • Hero Academy / Raid formations visual bug
  • Russula’s hero card missing one item (which was fine in Beta earlier)

Other questions:

  • What are the plans for the second quarter ?
  • Can we expect more buildings ?

Will non-S1 4* heroes be availabe at Hero Academy level 8?


Dear developers,

when do you plan if ever, implement features/events which would enrich game from the standpoint of activating more heroes at once? Currently, 80% of heroes we own, sit on the bench and are almost never used…

I created few ideas/events, where your whole roster of heroes can find a role to help your kingdom while staying true to SG gameplay. These ideas would not only prolong E&P game ‘‘shelf life’’ but also attract many new players, while keeping core players engaged.

These features add so much needed life in different ways, its too long of description, so I would humbly ask you to read each topic separately:

Heroes equipment - #8 by Cerevan_the_Omni PLAYER BASE approved solution to limit breakers.

Thank you for taking time to answer!


Just one question for me.

Here you can find a previous AmA with our dear long gone @Kerridoc (notice the date, March 2019).

Here below, i will copy one single question-answer session from that long interview:

3. Do you think Summoning is the best possible game design approach to acquiring heroes, or would you consider other approaches like converting existing heroes into a new one, collecting shards for a hero, or earning increased or guaranteed odds for a good hero?

Summoning has covered a lot of the bases so far, but let’s again go to the massive building upgrades.

The TC might actually do something like this; can’t really go into specific but for example converting existing heroes into new heroes. That might be part of the new Training Camp. The new TC will be in beta in a couple of months, and just at the moment the last option is converting, or having a chance of converting, heroes.

So my question is: we can expect the same kind of trustworthy answers from this AmA too?


Hello S&G Staff,

I think this is great to get feedback from players and hopefully it’s done in a constructive manner to help make the game we all enjoy a little bit better. I have a few questions below.

  1. Have you thought about a reset coin to get mats back on a hero? It would be an awesome add and could easily be done as say a once a year gift. Something you can’t win or buy. I think players would really appreciate that small guesture.

2.As many have stated any plan to allow more teams for better organization? With more and more hero’s coming out it would nice to be able to separate them better .

  1. I would love to see a way to combine 3 star mats into something in the Alcamey lab. Has this been talked about? As a long time player I like others have orbs and compasses etc just sitting there. It would be nice to be able to convert them to anything. I think it’s as big an issues as the 5 dupes just not as talked about.

  2. Raiding teammates great addition, small flaw. Is there a way to add the war game feature to these raids? It would really allow players to then truly test their defences and see what’s happening.

  3. Has there been any thought to adding a rare quest where you could choose your ascension item? There hasnt been much change to the rare quests and it would be a fun add to see something new even if it was in the rotation in a limited amount.

  4. Lastly are there any new ways to play more with your alliance mates being worked on? I think this is mainly why we all stay is because of the friendships we have made through the game. War is fun as we can cheer each other on. MT was a good add, however imo,there needs to more levels of rewards in the team aspect.

Than you so much hoping a few of my questions will get answered!


Hello and thanks for the opportunity.

I only have one question.

How likely is it, for something that is not primarily revenue driven, to actually get on your to-do list?

I know this might look like a malicious question but the answer to it is key when we, the community of players, try to come up with something good for the game: we need to know if cash considerations are needed, essential, important or marginal to factor them in our observations/requests/ideas.


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How about allowing fully levelled Hero’s to be fully un-levelled back to base stats and all MATs returned, so we can reuse previously earned resources on new Hero’s sitting at 3/70?

Obviously only allow once per Hero, but this will allow us to truly experiment with what we have.


Yes, good question.
And maybe as we have Season 4 here now the Season 2 heroes can be added with a low chance to Training Camp / summon portals to reduce Season 1 hero odds.

Also I would prefer Valhalla coin drops by the special enemies during Valhalla Forever instead of crafting items as during Valhalla I can get very low number of coins. (Maybe 4-6 months need to accumulate enough for 1 free pull, while during Atlantis I can get at lease 1 free pull every month)
Or if this is unchanged, then do SG considering a special quest during Atlantis Rises / Valhalla Forever, which gives enough coins for 1-2 free pulls ?


Thanks for this opportunity.
I see a growing problem in the gap between the ability for new players to catch up due to the extensive content and the long-term motivation for older players. E&P won’t be the first game with this problem. Do you see this different? How do you intend to solve this or will the game die sooner or later? PC has already started …


What is your response that your RNG is not a true RNG?
Have you ever altered OR fixed the results of said RNG?
Does your supposed RNG treat every player in the game the same?
What input (seed, physical event) starts the RNG?


Is it possible to streamline the process of transmutation by adding capabilities of making multiples at once, or at least reducing the number of taps for a single transmutation? Three taps per action takes up a lot of time and patience.

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Can we have something useful to do with all the duplicate 5* heroes we have? I mean HA10 exists but it doesn’t really do much of anything if we’re being honest. There are a lot of 5* 3/70 heroes a lot of people have forever sitting on the shelf, stifling the amount of experimentation the community can do because of a lack of final ascension mats.

Suggestion: add some building feature that lets you trade a 5* hero for an final ascension mat of the relevant color. E.g. you can trade a Leonidas for Darts or a Quintus for a Tabard, that sort of thing. That way the legions of dupe 5* heroes become useful, an incentive to want more 5* is created, and 5* heroes stuck in 3/70 purgatory can finally be played with. It’s unfortunate that a lot of high level players like myself don’t even want anymore 5* heroes because it’s pointless with lack of mats. If an exchange like that existed, it would incentivize me to roll or use my TC20 for the first time again in ages


So true. In April I got more than 100 coins but in May I only got around 10 coins…

Will there be a review of this system? I prefer solely coins like in AR. I already have bunch of useless food and iron box in my inventory.


Three questions from me,

  1. Will we be getting a better option to train or trade our duplicate heroes? The hero academy isn’t that great to be honest, I understand money is your priority, at least give us unlimited space for all our horded heroes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  2. A replay button in the watch tower is sorely needed, I would like to be able to see how my defense is attacked and how it holds. Not only will this help us tweek our defense but get a better understanding of our heroes.
    As of now, we have to leave your game to look elsewhere.

  3. in game invites, we can see the top players and top alliances, why not add a list of players that aren’t part of any alliance and an invite button, again we have to leave your game to do this.


Why is there a color imbalance in a player’s roster? I have lots of 5 star heroes in three of the five colors. Checking with other alliance members they see the same issue.

Does tile generation use the same seed for each tile?

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