New event - CARGO SHIP , sail to VICTORIES or protect the CARGO!

PIRATE LADS, its time to board ships, empires are getting richer as we speak, and missfortunes aint happening without us!

A new EVENT, NEW TOWN BUILDING, NEW GAMEPLAY, all in one! // and another feature to use bench heroes ( heroes who dont get much play time! :slight_smile:

NEW BUILDING : DOCKS (level 1-10)
-Choose and build among 3 types of ships :

  • Each level of building provides extra sturdiness to ships HP, reduces costs of making one and increases chances of getting better rewards from them.
  • Each 3rd level of building allows you to store additional ship in docs (lvl 1, 4,7,10 = max 3 stored + 1 in use)
  1. Fortune Winds ( fast and nimble, light cargo load and light weaponry, lowest HP) -
  • highest success rate in catching other ships for attacks or evading enemy ambushes
  • provides small boost to mana each turn
  • carries lower level battle items
  • Victories brings you smallest cargo steals (but does not limit you from tier of prize
  • Also easiest to sink for enemies (lowest HP)
  1. Sirens Resort ( medium speed, medium cargo load and middle tier weaponry, medium HP)
  • medium success rate in catching or evading ships
  • provides small hp regen each turn, ship weaponry does 10% more dmg
  • Victories bring you medium cargo steals (but does not limit you from tier of prize
  • Medium HP pool
  1. Grand Trollship (slowest, heavy cargo load, high tier weaponry, high HP)
  • low success rate in catching ships, easy to get caught
  • provides crit chance to heroes and crit chance for ship weaponry, ship weaponry does 15% more dmg
  • Victories bring you heavy cargo steals (but does not limit you from tier of prize
  • High HP pool


You set your ship defense same way you do your raid defense.

  • You allocate your heroes into positions on ship : Each wing and center role uses ship weaponry (ranging from ballista, axe thrower, cannon or dragon attack
  • Each hero behind weaponry gets 20% dmg reduction. Negative side of being behind weaponry is, if your hero gets charged same time as it is time for weaponry special, weaponry special goes first and hero special is postponed to next round. This is excluded for heroes whose special dont do any dmg (per turn or direct). Those heroes can cast immediately after weaponry fires in same round (favours supports and healers). This way support heroes can do dmg as well :slight_smile:
  • Area spells and ship weaponry dmges other ship. Damaging ship reduces the amount of possible loot, you get from Victory (7 stages : perfect, barely injured, injured, damaged, heavily damaged, sinked (Barely injured ship still nets you 100% of loot, while sinked only gets you 40% of possible loot. Which might still be more than smallest ship can carry if she destroys biggest ship possible :slight_smile:
  • This features favours snipers, who can snipe heroes down without injuring ship or destroy ship weaponry to make supports sitting ducks (only slash attacks remain for them)
  • So overally, best all round solution for ship heroes are offensive and defensive supports and snipers

Being on offensive raid, your heroes dont use ship weaponry (to not dmg cargo ship) but rather saved battle items as seen in picture

  • Currently available item from picture (arrow attack) // all battle items only dmg heroes / heroes behind weaponry take reduced dmg from battle items as well
  • Making a connect gives you another item ready to get used while adding new one in empty slot (one item per round at the end of round)
  • Note that light ships get low level items most often to use while bigger ships grant you high chance for best battle items (noticeable difference). On other hand, light ships are grants you more ambush attemps, being faster…
    -After each raid, some items /just a few) are spend from player inventory (even if you threw like 10 attacks, you loose only like 1 axe attack, 1 mana pot and 1 arrow attack /randomized but excludes high tier item burn)
  • If your heroes die, ship survives and heroes return home, ready to be used after 12 hour timer
  • if your ship sinks, heroes return home, ready to be used after 12 hour timer, but you need a new ship
  • After each first time, new ship sales, you must donate 1 silver coin for piratey LUCK :slight_smile: (once per ship)
    -Catching ships isnt easy (you might get 1 option per day with slow ship on bad day, or 8 catches with light ship on good day)
  • Slow ships are also alot easier to get caught, so expect a lot more tests for your defense and potential for ship to sink… but dont you worry too much… thats why you carry heavy weaponry and pull mad loot :smiley: Defensive victories on ships also grant you some loot (though heavily reduced in comparison to victores = 10%)
  • Not every defeat of ship is necessarily sinking them. While that is most true for small faster ships (75%), biggest ships are alot more resilient (20% chance) for it to happen.
  • Heroes who are sailing arent available for the time being. You can call them back and they return in 4 hours (during this time, they can still get caught by enemy ship)

Special events and rewards can grant you special ships!
Sail on the legendary Captain Kestrel ship or Sagrassos oblivion ship, or Marie Theres snakeship or Finleys warship or Boomers bombard galley or Vodniks algae boat or Peters fish raft :smiley: // each with special skills or types of strenghts/weaknesses. But be carefull to not get them sinked…
Enemy players sinking special ship get slight increased rewards!

Type of rewards : ( Player cant decided type of cargo he will carry on defense, he can only choose type of ship and heroes who will sail it.
Each cargo ship carries predominantely one tipe of cargo, ranging from :

  • Food or Iron crates
  • ingredients or battle items
  • Recruits
  • Materials
  • Backpacks and battle ropes
  • Gems

So if you win a battle vs lets say Cargo ship for battle items, you get 80% of loot based around battle items and 20% is spread around the rest of the options. The dominant resource also carries highest chance for high tier items/stashes.

So this feature adds another way of providing fun and new gameplay (which SG currently lacks= repeptitive gameplay in different clothings) and offer more things to do.
Here is the other list of gameplay feature I made up and would go along nicely with these one (limited to which offer new gameplay and new buildings to your stronghold)

LEGENDARY equipment ( new building - LEGENDARY FORGE - instead of limit breakers PLEASE) Heroes equipment - #8 by Cerevan_the_Omni
CARAVAN RAIDS ( new bulding - TRADING CENTRE) CARAVAN raiding - put to use many bench heroes - NEW FEATURE (original idea for putting to use bench heroes while also giving bad grade heroes a place where they can be amongs best options)
LAST MAN STANDING New event - LAST MAN STANDING (doesnt have a building, but enchances so many features already in game, I had to include … such as mixing 3*,4*,5* harmonically in one event, more use to family bonuses, new gameplay approaches etc,…
Last BUILDING for town has to be something about DUPES (or some sooner one)


LETS VOTE which ship sinks next!!! :D!

prenos (8)

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Man, with that kind of brains of yours, you could already develop a game distinct from E&P, say Ships and Puzzles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Take that as a compliment.


You should just write your own game instead of letting SG steal your ideas for free. (yes STEAL/PLAGIARIZE/PIRATE/APPROPRIATE.COPY/whatever other words for intellectual theft you can think of; sue me if you don’t like what I’m saying)


Well it is a pirate themed event


Haha thanks, but Id rather have, that SG takes to action and implement these features.

Already trying to invent quite a bit outside of games :slight_smile:

Which kind of ship/approach would you go with, if such feature would be implemented? :slight_smile:

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Hah Rho, well, if they hire me as a side job to develop ideas and to actually include them, it wouldnt be a piratey approach :stuck_out_tongue:

But since you are both trying to direct me in making my own game, I will do a quick google search of all the requirments and process of making it :wink:

All of them integrated into one. Too bad SG will not incorporate this in E&P. But I won’t be surprised if they are able to come up with a 3rd game developed after E&P and PC.

hmpf… I hope they rather focus here, where community and base is already built. :slight_smile:

I think my approach for ships are :

  • if you are a young player , I think best option is fast and light ship, since you more often than not get to choose who you fight with (more chances to protect your costly ship) // similar principle could be applied to low team power heroes. Also better chance to evade…

  • if you want passive approach with biggest possible earnings, you go for heavyiest ship (or if you go for biggest possible raid loot on offense, but dont have alot of spare time.

  • if you want more active approach and got strong heroes, go for either light or medium ship ( can result in bigger loot overall, little by little, if you are succesfull


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Sure sounds like a great, well developed idea, except one little aspect… where do we build the docks? The only wather around these parts seems to be a stream that ends up in waterfalls on all sides… no the best place to build and launch a fleet…


They can just make water all around walls instead that we are up in the air.

Other idea is, there is some space left in inner wall river ( around the middle part), where docks could be, and they just need to make water on one side of the screen (outer part of walls…

but good observation!

Red circle, where I would put docks :slight_smile: // only thing that is missing now, is pathway to sea :slight_smile:

docks area

The pathway could be a portal like to the season maps. It wouldn’t have to be on the home screen, but accessible from it via a clickable doorway just where you suggest.

If this did turn into a third game I’d play it. I tried PC but just didn’t like the characters, modern weaponry etc. Pirate ships now, we can all get behind that.

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Hey, thats actually neat idea, since so many things in e&p already comes from portal :slight_smile:

Hahah, so many of you would go for a 3rd game, than get this joined to E&P :slight_smile:

I hope thats a sign for SG to do something about it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice idea. As for the pirate ship, i wouldn’t mind it being like this:

Docks - a Base feature that will have a flying boat, since the base is in the mountains. The ship goes out and searches for resources and random items. It goes out and comes back. Upgrading it, will let be out for longer and gets more loot and the more you upgrare it, the better the loot you get as well. Max level being 10, you could find food/iron bundles, coins, a EHT, ETT, a flask, etc. Basically, an upgradable version of MV, but gives more loot.


Goblins are already flying and they are very teritorial… I wouldnt wish messing with them and their generous offers :smiley:

I just figured Guardian Owl and very slow heroes would also be great ship weaponry commanders.
Beacuse they fire very slow, its a lot less chance, weaponry and hero special would get timed at same time. WE FOUND A NICHE for Guardian owl :smiley:

Picture him, sitting behind cannon, recieving 20% less dmg. FInally he fires, gets additional defense boost and crazy hp regen… laying back while cannons do the work :stuck_out_tongue:

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