Need some advice on next Holy hero

So my current capped yellows are guinevere, drake fong, and joon. Below are current choices for next

I’m currently working on kingston, seeshat, finley, and puss and boots to final ascension in my other colors, so was hoping for some advice from the higher ups on who you guys think would fit best currently. Delilah and Poseidon get the least amount of use from me as I got then the latest and currently I prefer onatel, inari, and viv on a more regular basis, however posiedon with some emnlems has on shot many a hero and I’m still on the fence about delilah. It’s really tough call for me so any advice would be really appreciated. We all know the struggle of ascension Materials lol. Thnx in advance.

So the main question I have is:
What are you looking for? Titans? Defence? Raids? Bosses?

I vote for Inari. Her tile damage is the highest of any of the yellows in game (just avoid firing her special so you don’t accidentally make any minions)
Next would be Poseidon. Vivica is too slow & you don’t have her costume. Onatel is OK but just not a massive attack stat.

None of them really replace Guin. Soo… probably not a factor here :stuck_out_tongue:

In terms of which will best fit into a riading team, I would say that Delilah will probably give you the most versaitily in offence. She’s an Average Speed healer (so better than Vivica) & the minions make great meat shields.
Next up would probably be Poseidon to give you a second sniper to pair nicely with Joon & Drake.

Onatel. Her ability to control mana is BEAST, esepcially if paired with Proteus.
Fire Proteus & Onatel at the same time & the enemy gain no mana for 4 turns. Then just wrinse & repeat until the bosses are dead… Using this, I’ve never had any issues with any of the class quests which use Wizards.

In terms of a comparison of the 5, heres a quick snapshot of their stats at maxed:

Expand below for more ordering of the heroes:

Ordered by Attack

Ordered by Defence

Ordered by Health

Ordered by Power

In terms of emblems I don’t know your full roster but:

  • Poseidon & Delilah will fight with Kingston for emblems
  • Onatel will never get emblems from Guin
  • Vivica there are heaps of other clerics around so its a well contested field
  • Inari doesn’t usually have a huge amount of competition for the rogue emblems HOWEVER I personally wouldn’t be giving her any (in fact I haven’t given my maxed one any)

Link to sheet used for snapshot:

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Viv at 3/70 is pretty useless. She barely lasts long enough to charge when she’s fully leveled… with that being said… I love her and I will max another soon… especially if I get her costume. (I don’t have del… so can’t compare the two)

Poseidon is amazing and would max a dupe of him as well. Drake and him pair nicely together.

Those are my votes. :woman_shrugging:

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If you run mono often, Onatel’s element link actually becomes a substantial consideration that might have her edge out the others.

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The issue has been at 3/70 it’s hard to keep then alive in the current emblem market so it’s been really difficult to see who shines. Onatel has been the most useful in areas of the game, but having albi and kunchen I’m used to using slow healers so viv tuns good in a stack for me. My normal raid style is 2 2 1 so its important who I send when to make sure I have enough heroes for wars. I have no trouble with events or clearing levels but my titan damage and final 2 teams in wars or where I’m having the most trouble. I dont have ravnir, tarlak, miki, any of the good titan heroes.

Never run mono, not a fan on that style of play

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