Hero Booklet - An Excel Database of Heroes, Classes, Stats, Specials etc

Hero Booklet

Current Version
Version 4.0

  • Added in the second round of costumes
  • Added new springvale heroes
  • Added new Valhalla heroes
  • Added new HotM
  • Switched to a Google Sheet
  • Added a bunch of pre-built filters
  • All current Beta Heroes

What Is It?

The Hero Booklet is an Excel Spreadsheet which Tabulates all the data for heroes currently in Empires & Puzzles.

The Sheet allows the user track which heroes are owned & to sort the entire booklet by:

  • Name
  • Colour/ Element
  • Class (Barbarian, Wizard etc…)
  • Family (inc. Costumed/ vanilla, event etc…)
  • Base Stats (Attack, Defence, Health, Power)
  • Special Skill (Sniper, Defence Debuff, Attack Buff etc…)
  • Special Skill Speed
  • Ownership


I initially built it for my own personal hero tracking & records. Wanting to know who’s the best hero for use in situations without having to click on every single card I have in my inventory etc…
Also allowed me to compare heroes when choosing who would be the next to level up.

Future Updates

Plan to maybe build in some additional stuff

  • Damage Calculator, to allow users to compare which hero’s special is going to be most effective
  • 2 & 1* Heroes. More for completion than anything as there isn’t really a use for these anymore now that tournaments are gone.
  • Personal Roster Sheet


N/A at this point.


Fantastic info gathering! Bookmarked and saved to my own GDrive! Kudos to you.


Thanks a million :heart:.
Bookmarked and will be used extensively
I like the format and seem to be easy to use.
Have a merry and happy.


@Guvnor, this is FANTASTIC!! Thank you for sharing!!

P.S You seem so familiar, I just can’t put my finger on who you remind me of :wink:

Thanks for your sheet @Guvnor. Guess many people will be happy that they don’t have to type in all the data!

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Thanks @Guvnor, I had started something similar for my personal use but yours is way more detailed and user friendly. Fansatic job! :+1:

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Good job @Guvnor, thank you, it’s really helpful!

I found a typo - two lines with name “Horghall - [+CB]” but the second one probably is “Lianna - [Cost]”

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Yeah it is. I thought that got fixed… I picked it up earlier but must have done it in another copy of the book and missed this one.

Hero Booklet now updated to V4 to include all new heroes added to the game including the second round of costumes

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Annnndddd Updated again to reflect the May 2020 Balance Changes

Annnnnddd finally caught up with inputting the new heroes in Beta. These are listed at the top as # BETA :slight_smile:

I have been searching for something like this! Thanks a mil for sharing!

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