Next holy 5* to ascend. (Yes, another one of these)

My current maxed holy 5*s are;
Guinevere, Joon, Onatel, and Poseidon. Obviously, Guinevere is my star Tank.

My choices to ascend are Delilah, Sif, Inari, Neith, Ranvir and Vivica.

I have Puss maxed and will have Telluria maxed when i get one more tonic. So, I was kinda leaning towards Delilah with her healing and minions. Just a thought.

I’ve heard good things about Sif. Does anyone have experience with her?

I don’t have any particular need for a specific type of hero. I just got my 6th dart and want to ascend the best hero.

I’m not completely sold on next months Malosi. I’m sure I’ll get him and he’ll be in the queue for maxing out when I get the next set of darts. So, I want to max one of my current candidates.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I would go with Sif for the change of pace, her skills would bring an entirely different element to your yellow stacks in raids.

But, given how you’re acquiring all the best heroes, I suspect you will get costumed vivica, and that’s a great hero for titans. So, I vote vivica or sif.

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No costume for Vivica. If I did, I’d probably go with her for sure.

Do you have experience using Sif?

none, but having used Elena and Lancelot - I imagine she is something like if those two had a kid that came out yellow. I would probably stack her with Drake and Joon against Ursena. (plus 2 dispellers)

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Yeah, I’m also lacking Drake. If I had him or white rabbit, it wouldn’t be a discussion

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honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices.


That’s the problem. A case could be made for any of them. I’ll get them all there eventually. I just want to go with the best overall hero at this time.

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If you do not have any other mana regen heroes and you do have slow heroes that you regularly use, go with Sif. A hero like Sif juicing a hero like Isarnia or Azlar is very entertaining. Her damage reduction also strengthens your glass cannons, meaning they not only go off sooner but live longer.

Delilah or Vivica are not going to do anything like that for you.

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For me personally I would only be considering Sif, Delilah & Inari.


Personally, while I Love Sif, I don’t think she is a good enough tank to displace Guinevere… She is a much much better flank than Guin so the argument can be made if your alliance runs Tanks other than yellow, that Sif will be very useful…

Sif also has a case for offence in that she pairs nicely with Black Knight & other Taunt Heroes.


Delilah is my pick of the yellow healers. She is Average Speed (same as Ariel) and makes meat shields… her main downfall is the lack of cleanse/ debuff but… She’s still pretty boss


Inari’s argument for me is the tile damage. she is absolutely boss in titans and will pair nicely with Joon & Poseidon.


Overall tho, I probably would lean towards Delilah for versatility… Another 5* healer (instant) is always handy.


I do have Black Knight maxed. That’s an interesting case for Sif

I’ve commented on the BK & Riposte synergy a fair bit so may as well re-link here too:


That’s a very strong case for Sif. That could be a killer combo.

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Yup, I haven’t tried it out on defence but in offence it is amazing.

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