Best Holy/yellow 5* to round out this team

Hi everyone. I have read a lot of posts about who people think the best 5* are. And it always boils down to who else is on the roster that would complement the team as a whole. That being said, i am asking for peoples advice on a 5* holy/yellow that would round out this rainbow 5* team.

Mother north

My thoughts are:
Would this team benefit from another fast sniper like poseidon or joon? Or a healer like vivica? Or neither?

I’d say Poseidon, but you’re kind of missing a tank…

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You have no tank as yet… so better heroes would be:
Guin, Onatel or Drake Fong who can function in Tank position…

But as you said, unless you have those heroes it doesnt make much of a difference…

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Vivica w/ costume is like a yellow Kunchen… so if you have her and can get the costume, that’s awesome! That said, do you have Delilah? She’s a decent tank too. Guin would be really really good if you had her.

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