Holy Hero Help needed! Ranvir, Guinevere, Justice, Vivica and Joon... Oh my!

I know there are similar topics, but each is specific to that player, so…

With Delilah, Wu Kong and Li Xiu maxed and Onatel at 4/50, I want to start feeding my next holy hero some snacks to get a head start.

I always wanted Joon and now have 2, un-leveled. With Sartana, Magni and Lianna maxed, I can’t justify bringing him up yet, but may be wrong in my thinking.

Pulled Ranvir, Guin, Justice, Vivica as well as Gretel, Hu Tao, Danzaburo and a 2nd Li Xiu over the last several months.

Here’s most of my roster:

I’m currently testing Ranvir in 1st farming to see what he does. I know he’s best with Titans when maxed out, but that will be a long ways away.

Guinevere was my next choice, but again, so far away from being useful.

Maybe focus on a 4* for alliance wars and raid tournaments?

All opinions welcome at this point

Not Viv beacuse you have maxed Delila amd not Justice.

If your alliance using yellow tanks Guin looks like ez choice BUT
Yes, she is one of the best tank in game but Delila or Omatel can work good here to. Joon is very strong and this is hard decision.

There is Ranvir ofc, he is in your private tests, If you will like him I probably wil choose him.

My private opinion:
If I will be in your situation I will max Joon, my def team can ez survive in diamond area. I want pull Guin but I’m not sure about giving her darts (for now, darts hates me)


Well in my opinion you can go many ways… so set priorities…
From what i understood you dont have AM to put any of thoose 5* full… if that is right and as you already have wu kong full i would forget about ranvir…
As you have delilah full (and if you really dont have the AMs) even if your aliance uses yellow tank in war a full delilah is better than guinnevere 3/70 so guinevere out for now…
That being said i would go for joon because being fast mana sniper at 3/70 he is quite helpfull…
Gretel being a mana controler is also quite helpfull in AW, figting titans, emblem tasks, events and even raids(including tournament).

When you get the AMs then you will have a problem :sweat_smile:

Hope i helped ! Good luck


Delilah, Wu Kong, & Li Xiu maxed & Onatel at 4/50…
Pulled Joon x2, Ranvir, Guin, Justice, Vivica, …Gretel, Hu Tao, Danzaburo & 2nd Li Xiu

Well holy cow. You’ve got a whole hell of problems deciding on a holy hero! Lol :wink:

not Vivica rt now since you’ve got Delilah leveled. But would be nice since she clears ailments.
not Joon, just right now, since the other hero options provide more firepower and defense.
not Ranvir since you’ve got Wu Kong leveled. However I leveled him to t3-70 and still find him very useful even together with Wu Kong against titans. Since just leveled him, only had one war to use him - it went well against the team I played. Can put him next to Magni for protection.
Continue Onatel; she’s a force to be reckoned with.
Level Guin 1st, as she should be the next one to take the darts for t4 ascension. I used every gem I had saved up in the last event she was available in and got her on my last pull (the only 5* btw)! I mention this cause leveling her now (at t4-50’ish) and so far so good with every chance at using her, even titans, and even when she was just at t3-70.

Gretel 2nd
Danz or HuTao after that

Good luck, and let us know who you choose (and why)! :sunglasses:


Joon or Ranvir imo.

Max Gretel eventually too. With the new family bonuses coming down, it looks like Hansel and Gretel will be a fun offensive combo for raid tournaments.

Though also keep in mind that this is beta and it may change. But those boosts look pretty good.

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I am leaning towards Joon again, since I don’t have any Holy fast, heavy hitters.

Thanks for all the replies!

My preference would be to have at least 1x sniper of each color.

I would choose Joon - fast mana / heavy snipe / blind

Offense > Defense

Guin - great to have but not necessary to win challenges / raids / quests

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