Poseidon, neith or vivica..which 5* yellow ascend next?

Hi guys!
I recently pulled poseidon from atlantis portal…I have Guinevre, Inari, Drake and Ranvir maxed yet.
Now i have the following doubt…which hero to ascned next: Poseidon, Neith or Vivica?
I have MN maxed also.

I would go Poseidon.


I have and use all 3 frequently, but Poseidon the most. I’d level him first unless you’re short on healers.

In my honest opinion, I would focus on maxing Poseidon next.
Good luck

Poseidon… and if you pull a second one, Max him too. Lol

With having guin, I doubt neith would see darts for a long while.

I love my viv but she’s slow and a bit squishy. Her costume would make her a more appealing choice.

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I also pulled Poseidon from latest Atlantis, not maxed yet and he is already a beast… go with him.

What are you lacking in yellow?


Max that one.

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Poseidon is great! Neith is tempting. But I would go for Viv. She is perfect against Ursena. And cleansing is mire and more needed in attacks.

First Poseidon, second viv, third any other option than Neith

Actually i pulled her with the costume event!

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  1. Poseidon for sniper
  2. Vivica for healer
  3. Li Xiu for better and cheaper Utility


Well, Guin for tank of course, then Drake also very good offense and defense!

I was close to asking a similar question - Poseidon, Vivica (with costume), Onatel or Neith? Would Onatel be a better choice?

I’d go Poseidon over onatel… but I may have a crush on Poseidon. Lol kidding.

She can be super annoying… but I’d pick fast snipe over average every day.

Now… that being said… I think she’s sturdier on defense than P is… so if that’s your need then pick her.

Viv’s Costume is a definite want for me with that defense drop. Drool.


I also much prefer fast shooters. And also given that my defence center is Ursena - Poseidon would be perfect flank.

The only thought for Onatel is that fast Poseidon would most likely make his shot before being killed. And Onatel needs more defence/health to benefit from her ultimate ability. Same is true for Vivica actually, and she has less health than Onatel on 3/70.

Wanted to say already maxed, not “yet” :sweat_smile:

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In my honest opinion, I would max Onatel and put emblems on her. You will not be disappointed

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