Need help with my first 5* team

Hi - New to the forum. I have been playing for about 8 months now and have a couple maxed 4’s in each color:

Wilbur & Boldtusk
Grimm, Kiril & Boril
Wu Kong & Chao
Proteus, Sabina & Rigard

Now its time to work on my 5’s. I have enough AMs for one hero in each color.

Red: working on Zimkitha 4/44 - shes my only red
Blue: Magni 3/70, Isarnia 2/1, Richard 1/1
Green: Lianna 3/38, Evelyn 3/65
Yellow: Justice 3/70, Joon 2/52
Purple: Hel 1/23, Kunchen 3/33, Sargasso 1/1, Quintus 1/1

I had the plan to ascend Zim, Magni, Evelyn, Joon and Kunchen (as my tank). Then I drew Hel. Ita making me totally rethink the line up because well, its HEL…

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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Welcome to the Forum!

I mostly agree with your selections, though I’d pick Lianna over Evelyn. Evelyn can do her job at 3-70, but Lianna really needs to be maxed to be effective.

As for Hel vs. Kunchen, I think your Defense will suffer notably without Kunchen, since he’s your best tank option by far.

But other than War, Defense pretty much doesn’t matter that much. You’ll certainly have no problem staying in Diamond with the mix of 5* you’re maxing, or even with some 4* in the mix.

Since the payoff of Hel for Offense will be higher, I think she’s worth maxing first.

She can also pitch in as a tank if needed. Kunchen is better in that role, but she’s very passable, and will be the best of your current options.


Thanks Zephyr! I appreciate the fast response. My logic with Evelyn is ability to dispel the enemies buffs and I didn’t think running 3 snipers would be the synergystic choice. Hopefully, I will be graced with more tabbards and be able to ascend Kunchen shortly after Hel.

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Agree w previous poster - Lianna first, then Eve - even though Eve is probably the better hero overall. That said, Lianna +6 is on my D and Eve is on my bench.

As for your Dark issue - you need to evaluate how important War is to you and how important your being the best for your Team vs best for you individually is to you.

If your priority is teamwork and by extension War defence, Kunchen first.

If your priority is yourself first, and offence - Hels yah!

That said, I’d eventually run both on D.

Your other options at tank are Justice and Richard. Depending on the teams you’re facing, they may work well for months. Richard is surprisingly still effective and a LOT of teams are running mono-blue tanks. He’s viable. And for colour stacking Kiril into Grimm and then Richard kills 3 a lot of the time.

So check to see if your team had a mono colour tank policy - that will also dictate a lot of your choices.

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Evelyn is decent on defense, but I actually find Lianna is often more troublesome. Lianna is more likely to get a kill, whereas Evelyn typically won’t do enough damage that an attacker can’t just heal before dying.

Evelyn is also most effective paired with another strong green hitter.

On Offense, pairing the two of them with Evelyn at 3-70 will be far more effective than the opposite.

On Titans, Evelyn at 3-70 will serve the elemental defense debuff duty, and Lianna will have a reasonably high attack stat for tile damage.

Thanks Halifax! I play on a fairly casual team - not alot of war strategy. Pretty much - just participate. So, as long as my team is over 3700 defense, they will be happy.

I appreciate the different perspective and I have seen people talking about Richard as a decent tank on the forum. You have given me something to think about.

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I have been using Evelyn with Caedmon on blue titans and even at mid 3rd level, she definitely helps to boost the score (of course Wu is also part of that). The team I am on teeters between 6 and 7* titans and im usually on the top hitters with my lineup.

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For 6-7* Titans, 3-70 Evelyn will be plenty. That’ll buy you time to get more Tonics for maxing her later.

Make sure to use Wu and Wilbur on titans as well. All of them unless they are rare and reflect the colour.

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Red - Zim
Blue - Magni
Green - Lianna
Yellow - Joon
Purple - Hel

Rule of thumb. Offense before defense.

Lianna needs to be maxed for 100% effective. Evelyn needs to be 3/70 to fully utilize her skill.
Hel is just the best purple out there that can fulfill both offensive and defensive roles. Kunchen is mostly for defense.

For raid defense, a solid lineup below will keep you in diamond with no problems:

Zim - Joon - Hel - Magni - Lianna

Agree with everyone, do Hel before kunchen. Defense is over rated, whether you have Hel or kunchen, doubt it will make much difference.

I’ve been in diamond for several months now using Zim.

I like @AirHawk suggested defense with a switch.

Joon Hel Zim Magni Lianna.

Zim’s fast mana and 1400+ health will be better tank than avg mana Hel. Hel is more effective flank.

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Thanks for everyone’s input! I see a lot of feeders in my future.

i do not think you can go wrong with any of the above suggestions.

However, since 5* Heroes take 353,599 Hero XP and 15.3m food to level, I would wait until I had enough ascension items to level two of each color and see what I had in my roster then.

if I had to pick I would go Hel because she is cool or Kunchen because you can never have too many healers. With Proteus and Rigard, neither Hel or Kuchen is a role you do not have a hero to fill. Pick which makes you happy.

Isarnia because Grimm 4* 4.70 has the same defense stat as Gunnar 3* 3.50 . And my teammates say Isarnia goes well with Zimkitha.

Lianna because you will eventually have multiple green, but Lianna as a ranger sniper can do insane damage.

Joon because even dead Joon’s tile/ matching/ physical damage is very high ( grave damage). The recent buff to Justice makes this the toughest choice.


Thanks Gryphon! Its a good problem to have so many choices. :slight_smile:

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I just drew Ranvir off of an EHT! I love my Wu for titans and events. Do you think he is worth ascending before Joon?

Nope. Not worth it if you have Joon.

I don’t see Ranvir having too much action besides titans or those without a yellow sniper.

Raids for him to be effective = you are on a losing end. That also means high chance you will lose the raid anyway.

Offensive raid = Wu is better cause can be activated without condition.

Defense = weak snipe + needs to be weaker than opponent to activate skill

Emblem route has to be attack/defense without HP.

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Use Isarnia to take down defenses the Lianna for major damage, also hel to freeze their mana

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