Kunchen or Hel?

Domitia (1:1)
Hel (3:60)
Kunchen (3:70)

Alberich (1:1)
Mother North (4:80+2)
Evelyn (3:65)
Elkanen (1:1)

Guinevere (2:20)
Onatel (2:80)
Joon (4:80+1)
Leonidas (1:1)

Khagan (1:1)
Elena (4:40)

Aegir (3:70)
Misandra (4:80+2)

I already have most of the games best 4 star hero’s fully leveled fully. Our Alliance runs ice tanks (waiting on 2 Telescopes for Aegir). Working on Guin now for raid defense. Evelyn is on her way to 4:80. I need to know whether to go with Hel or Kunchen. I already have some of the games best tanks, so I am leaning towards Hel. What do you think?

Uhh, I love Kunchen but you are bathing in tanks. Go Hel :wink:


I would prefer Kunchen. There are no strong Healer in your rooster.

Mother North not a good healer? I have BT +15, Sabina +12, Rigard +6, Kiril +5, Melendor, Guin heals, Gadierus +3, and Aegir also heals through his special.

I am also weak on Dark attacking hero’s. Tiburtus +5 and Proteus are my only other attacking darks that are leveled. I do like Hel on a defensive team.

Sorry, you are right. I didnt see that you have Mother North. She is really a beast in def. My fault, take Hel! :+1:

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North is amazing. Go Hel

Do you fight with mono teams, if you do then you know every team needs a tank and healer. If not hel

I typically have a rainbow defense, but I attack with 3-2 or 2-2-1.

Also, my future defensive team will possibly look something like MN-Misandra-Guin-Hel-Evelyn

Already has Rigard and Sabina levelled and emblemed so healers not an issue in mono. Also, mono is generally an attacking strategy, so there really is no tank in that sense.

Even with those considerations take Hel. You’ll never regret her, she looks great in royal tabards

Is there Tank on attack?

No. There is a central character who is marginally more likely to be hit by “hits 3” attacks, but there is no tank, so no real requirement for tank attributes on attack

Since u have some REALLY good options for ur tank I would go with Hel. Kunchen is a great hero but u do have that role filled already it seems and u have one of the best. Guin. She’s a monster.

There’s no tank on offense but Kunchen is still great on a mono team because of his purple link.

That said, I’m a big Kunchen fan but I’d ascend Hel before Kunchen without even thinking about it :joy:

I’ve decided to take Kunchen to max after all the advice!

JK it’s Hel wearing those Tabards at the end of the day. Thanks for the input.

Nice choice! Though u were in a pretty good spot…:grimacing:

Not reading others. Hel is the way to go. She can do well in both offense and defense.

Thanks for the help. Really needing a better fire choice. Tried mightily for GM, but no such luck.

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