Help me choose Defense and Offense team

At about the 5 month stage, so I’ve had a chance to get and level some good heroes. Looking for advice on the best setup for both a defense and offense team. Here is the stable:

Zimkitty 4/80
Evelyn 3/70
Lianna 3/70
Athena 3/70
Onatel 3/70
Isarnia 1/1
Mok-Arr 1/1

Also have duplicates of Evelyn and Lianna.

Proteus 4/70
Rigard 4/70
Wilbur 4/70
Wu Kong 4/70
Sonya 4/70

Since I don’t have a 5* healer yet, I was also planning to try and pull Kunchen during the Wonderland event. Assuming I’m successful, please consider that possibility as well.


If you get Kunchen flank him by Zim and Lianna, with Eve and Sonya in corners.

For raids use 2 or 3 heroes in strong colour for enemy tank. Proteus and Rigard can be murderous combo :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input. I’m currently running with Proteus and Rigard in my offense team, and try and search for yellow tanks. I’ve even been able to take out Guin a couple of times with decent boards.

I would also advise not to have a set offense team, but to change it to suit the team you are facing.

The best part of this game is attack team planning!


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