Kunchen or Hel - please advise

Hi all,

I am still building my first 5* defense team to attack medium platinum. For the moment it’s:

Alasie - Poseidon - Kunchen - Anzogh/G. Kong (bringing both to 3/70, then decide) - Lianna.

During today’s Atlantis carousel, Hel has popped up. Now I am thinking about this option:

Poseidon - Hel - Anzogh - Lianna - Alasie

Is it worthy? Kunchen is a little bit more tanky after all, but…
May I ask for some advices and opinions? Thx :slight_smile:

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Of course both…

Ascend first, who you need, due to the class or who you play more often.

At last both are superior heroes.

IMHO, Kunchen is a better tank.

Hel is a must level.

Can’t say much about Hel but I leveled Kunchen to 3/70 (just one more tabard to max him). He does a very good job at tanking, even tho he’s slow and many people said he sucked when he was the HOTM, oh how wrong they was :smile:

I’d chose Kunchen. My team of 4* heroes aren’t the greatest but I stay at 2200 cups thanks to him.

Thank you for advices, I finally ended up in last Atlantis with two Hel in my roster. Kunchen is climbing out final ascension. And I’ve got today 6th tabbard for one of Hels ascension.

Then I am even thinking about posibility to make defense team:
Alasie - Lianna - Kunchen - Poseidon - Hel

Or even (because I am a happy owner of “the ultimate hero” mentioned below) really crazy defense:
Alasie/Lianna - Poseidon - Kunchen - G. Owl - Hel

What do you think?

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