Need an anti-Bera team

Here is my current roster. What team would be an ideal team to fight a Bera tank? Getting opinions as it is USUALLY only 1 in 15 battles, that she can be beaten.

Pretty much any 5 yellow 5* heroes with emblems will punch her out in three tiles.

And this also starves her usual Odin wing of yellow tiles.

So just Frigg to worry about.

My yellow mono team is much less impressive than yours but probably has a 40% win rate, which is much more to do with the common wing heroes imho.


I can’t believe you have only 1/15 odds winning against Bera tanks when you already have at least 13 maxed holy legendaries, majority of which I am salivating to get. I use monoyellow and I open raid chest 3x a day. And 2 of my monoyellow teams employ 4* healers each. You may use costumed Leo, costumed Viv, Thor, Odin and Poseidon. That team is so much better than my best monoyellow team.


Are you serious? :scream: You are able to win only 1 time in 15 battles against Bera tank team with that roster?
I have like 1/4 the number of your 5* heroes and my win rate is about 40% against Bera tank.

The game doesn’t USUALLY give me yellow tiles against Bera tanks. When it does, it is normally 3 at the start, which takes out Bera, but then I don’t get 3 more yellow tiles until 7 or 8 moves later.

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I’ve been extremely successful against Bera/Freya tanks of all TP levels with this team: Poseidon–Sif–Lady Woolerton–Grimble–Alfrike.

I see you have Poseidon and Sif, at least. I’ll assume you have Lady W. Maybe you can come up with a good two-person pair to replace Grimble–Alfrike, since it doesn’t seem like you have either of them. Maybe Gefjon–Black Knight?

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Costume Vivica - Thor - Costume Joon - Malosi - Uraeus is how I beat her 14 out of 15 matches… Hehe.

You don’t have Uraeus but I think C Leo will do just fine in such stack.

As others said, it’s just 3 tiles to knock her off. Thor/Malosi/C. Joon can easily recover from the mana cut to charge and fire right after that at whoever you fear the most.


I got to ask, what type of team do you use, because I have nowhere near as many heroes and I have a better win rate with Mist, Joon, Malosi, cGormek, Melandor.

In your shoes, I would take Odin, Joon, cLeonidas, Gefjon, Lady of the Lake. Though not in that order.

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Typically, I use a 3/2 setup. But have tried Moni yellow. Here’s the typical mono yellow battle. I took a screenshot at the beginning, then after each move. Bera, fired after the first move, which is typical. There’s almost always a waterfall to be sure she fires after the first move. Then after the third move. Again, that’s typical. Doesn’t matter what tiles I mov, if she doesn’t fire after the second mov, the third will waterfall to make sure she fires a second time. Then, well you see the rest.

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I am not a fan of Odin in offense, because if you have yellow tiles then you don’t need his hit because you could charge someone else, and if you do not have all that many yellow tiles, he will not help you recover as his hit and buff will be small.

Try swapping someone in Odin’s place.

Also, for board movements, don’t always fall for the ‘easiest’ move when you play mono, try predicting how the tiles will set and stack as many as you can before charging someone. At 3rd screen you could easily have a yellow diamond after connecting the green match in the top right corner. That would probably win you this game.


That’s a good point about Odin. I will try swapping him out. Roostley is on his way to maxed now. He will probably be a better option.

I almost did the greens, but was trying to avoid kad firing. Maybe I should have went ahead and made the move.

Try mastering board movement. As @Suicide_Bunny has said, there is no need to rush making the favorable match at the onset. It may take most tanks to fire in 2 to 3 turns. Use those number of turns to improve tile positioning by eliminating unfavorable tiles.

Truth be told, that board could already spell the win for monoyellow.


With those heroes honestly all u need is a not-that-■■■■■■ board + good board moves

Even my weak stupid little account can take most beras out using Ariel, drake, joon, costume vivi and glenda/Vela.

I believe the main problem are Odin and frigg with 1100 atk 1000 def and 1500 health. Ridiculous.

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Since Bera tanks come with Frigg 80% of the time, I just use my red 4tack instead: Garnet-cMarj-cMarj-Gravey-cRigs. (if Finley is present one unemblemed cMarj sometimes gets replaced with a Mitsy+18… Or not, since cMarj makes Finley hit like a 6 year old)

As you can guess Garnet does the heavy lifting in terms of keeping the team alive, but she does it extremely well. Also the nice thing about not stacking yellow against Bera is there’s less risk of tiling her out too early and screwing myself over. I have probably around a 70% win rate with the above team, so not the best, but good enough for my purposes.

Given your roster, you could run Garnet-BK-cMarj-Grave for your red stack, with BK offering full protection against Frigg and Odin (and Finley). Or if you want to play it even safer you could replace Gravey with Vanda, or if you prefer having a super fast team, replace BK with Vanda instead and keep Gravey.

Ariel, Evelin, C Leo, Zelene, Malosi. :slightly_smiling_face:.
Zelene to drop attack which gives bit extra time for atleast another move. :slightly_smiling_face:.

My usual 3/2 is, Gefjon, Garnett, cos marj, Joon and cos Leo. Garnett does offer protection, but only at the beginning. Since typically I can only match 6 tiles, Garnett rarely gets to fire more than once.

Onyx and Cobalt are your 1-2 punch.

Ariel could mana boost and heal.

Joon for yellow tile strength.

Garnet for health and family bonus?

Garnet is more for protection against Frigg than Bera, because those minions will keep chipping away at you for as long as they’re there. How are you troops? If you have a lv 23 mana troop in each color, I would consider going 4-1 with two healers (one on-color healer in the 4tack, and 1 off-color healer). Try going with Garnet-cMarj-BK as a core, then either Gefjon or Grave or Vanda as your 4th red, and use Ariel or cRigard as that one off color healer and see how that plays out. For the record I still prefer cRigard for the attack buff, and HoT as a nice counter to DoT so you don’t “waste” any heal.

Given your roster, I too am surprised your win rate is as low as it is, and I think it’s more a function of your team selection (and perhaps board play) than not having the right counters. Your roster is certainly more impressive than mine, and I have what I consider a pretty good roster already.

My troops could use some work.

I agree the win rate is odd. Especially considering she is the only tank that I can’t seem to beat. Typically, my win rate is 95%. Losing around1 in 20 raids. Against Bera, it is the opposite. There just aren’t enough tiles to charge anyone that isn’t very fast with leveled mana troops. Even then, they will only fill once. Maybe it’s a glitch or something.

I’m sorry, at this point I can’t tell if you are serious. You have level 29 and 30 mana troops and you think that they are the problem? Along with other troops that can reach the very fast mana breakpoint?


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