Odin with purple tank?

I’ve just got my final darts to give Odin his final ascension (poor Joon misses out again)…Our alliance uses purple tanks and i have Kunch +19 as my tank…When I level up Odin and get talents on him I was gonna put him at flank. Although I’ve read this isnt wise because if the enemy colour stacks against Kunch they’d use most of the yellow tiles on the board potentially reducing Odins attack. Can anyone confirm if this would be the case?

Thanks :blush:

That is the case. That’s how I counter Odin or Frigg. I just stack Yellows or Greens. Especially effective on wars.

If you go with purple tank, you make it even better for the attacker. By yellow stacking I counter two of your heroes and not just one.

Frigg+Odin work well together because you can’t really counter them both at once. But alone, it’s an easy meal.


Thanks for the advice…well there goes that idea :joy:

Odin is still a very strong hero and should be maxed anyways.

Set him up as tank, because almost nobody stacks yellow against yellow. :wink:


Put Odin as tank and tell your alliance to go yellow tanks. Problems solved.
Let them colour stack yellow vs Odin and let them suffer… its alot different than stacking vs Frigg

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Haha i am leader so i could pull rank…i did think about that but Im pretty sure my alliance members dont have great yellow tanks…come to think of it there’s not many great yellow tanks out there that i can think of…maybe Guen…but not many more??

Yeah, not many great yellow tanks…

You can add Sif to the list for sure.

And then as decent ones, Onatel, Vivica with costume, Mica, Delilah, Drake Fong, Neith, Justice with costume bonus (but without costume).

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Ok rush wars even a +20 liu xiu can be an absolute horror.

Leonidas costumed with his attack down on purple could also help a bit.

Personally i prefer vivica without costume. The cleanse, heal and defense up seems to be very much more useful at her speed than the costumed version of her:

  • She heals quite good but cant cleanse herself nor protect a bit longer with defense up.
  • Very rarely there would be a use to dispel attacking enemies (what should she dispel? An attack up? Maybe a regeneration? … thats bad…)
  • the defense down seems to be okay, but mostly on a slow hero, the attacker could have any cleanser or any defense buffing hero ready and simply the defense downer is just gone.

I do also think that a rush war with a ton of regular vivicas could be strong enough to let people throwing their phones against the wall when making frustrating 0 points.

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Yellow tanks suffer by a lot of great purple counters, thank Guinevere for that. Players before 2019 were prone to develop a lot of purple heroes just to counter Guin that all other viable yellow tanks suffer as a consequence. Heroes like Rigard (some players have at least 2-3 of him maxed and perhaps emblemed), Sabina, Tiburtus (now more so with their respective costumes), and Proteus became a staple to most roster, on top of very good dark legendaries such as Sartana, Domitia (now more so with their costumes, too), Seshat, Kageburado, Ursena, Panther, etc. And now that there are a ton of very good purple heroes, i.e. Onyx, Killhare, Jabberwock, Ametrine, Clarissa and Alfrike, among others.

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