Need an anti-Bera team

@Badone : I don’t want to sound rude,
but with your kind of a superb roster, especially the holy roster, I would like to believe you have been playing for a while. You have every hero that matters.

Still you need an advice for a team to deal with Bera = THE REAL REASON for your LOW … 1/15 win ratio with Bera tank.
Later saw your troop levels… which only proves the above assessment…

I have got only 4 holy 5*s levelled with 4 more at 3/70 & I beat Bera tanks 50%+ times.

Gazelle, Heimdall, Malosi are regulars to keep me going… & other 2 colours I stack depends on the Bera flanks. At times, if there are other minions heroes, then I may take my own Bera with Uareus or Costume Gormek who clears minions & also heals.

The key is team creativity in the moment, instead of a FIXED team + Board play…

Good luck & happy playing :grinning:


Just use sif and/or BK against those AoE teams…

The offensive teams of C.Gormek, C.Marjana, C.Marjana, Gefjon and C.Rigard have a winning percentage of almost 100%.
Even if Bera summons many minions, all of them will disappear with the skill of C.Gormek, and the HP of the offense side will be fully restored.
Matching the red tiles only three times will win, so the recent trendy summoner tank team isn’t a threat to me at all.

I use Joon +20, Malosi +18, and Bai Yeong +10 (my only fully ascended 5 yellow), along with either Mitsuko+20/BT+19 or Ariel +19/Vela +20. Rarely others, as either of those cover most flanks/wings.

I certainly have a over 50% win rate against Bera tanks.

Mine is Clarissa, costume Rigard, Sif, Grimble, Uraeus. Sometimes Costume Rigard, Grimble, Clarissa, Glenda, Vela. Clarissa is immune to poison and Vela does not take damage from minions. Glenda is back up cleanser.

There is no anti berra hero in ur team (skadi,grible,captain diamond berra herself etc) but u have strong holy against dark tank

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So, as long as bad jokes is in order, dropp the flag, go below 2400, platinum arena is Bera free teritory. With your roster and troops, I’d say you’d do just fine there. Your 1/15 win ratio might improve against 4* defenses.

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C. Kadilen - Toxicandra - Odin/Joon - Malosi - Vivica
With Toxicandra you will regain the mana you would lose after killing her.

I have a good win% by fighting “Bera” teams with
Malosi (23) - Gravemaker (30) - Vivica (5) - Grazul (18) - Joon (30)
Where (n°) is my mana troop’s level.

Mmmm OP should still avoid Mireweave tanks then, because she (it?) is also part of the Vanaheim family and does the mana cut upon death thing.

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Damn… didn’t considered that… gold arena maybe? Any mana cutters there?

No, really now… my roster is a joke near the OP’s roster, my troops also, and I still win a lot more than 1/15 against Bera teams. I’m not sure if that’s his ideea of a joke or if he’s greatly exagerating. With his roater he shouldn’t even notice Bera…

Except against Bera, you only consistently get 6 tiles. That’s after she fires twice. I have been experimenting with what everyone has said, but without tiles, it does no good. There is definitely a glitch in the game somewhere. I can win 30 raids in a row against any other tank. Then lose 15 in a row fighting Bera tanks as the game seems set to not give tiles of either color used against her.

And the glitch is still happening, but now Bera fires after every single move. Whether I match tiles near her or not. It guaranteed to waterfall until she fires. Every single move. Most OP hero that has come out in the game.

You know, if mono isn’t working for you, take a hint and try something else. I’ve already stated which underpowered heroes I use successfully, so why not try throwing in heroes that actually counter Bera. Anti-minion heroes like Gefjon, or even costumed Gormek (who’s my primary anti-minion hero). Others have posted their teams which include 4* heroes, so maybe you should actually wonder how we have a better success rate than you do with your rosters of OP heroes.


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