Bera or Alfrike (JF)

Hi fam wondering about two things

  1. alfrike +16 or Bera +18 for tank?
  2. if I go Bera as my main raid defense tank should I distribute emblems to between alfrike and JF+0 since JF is now on my defense?

Thanks for the advice!!

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Bera would give you more consistent results.

Alfrike is the type go big or go home type of hero.

So it’s your call on the type of lineup to go with each of them.

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Emblems between Alfrike and JF, I would just give all to Alfrike since she is very slow mana. She would need all the HP and def stats she can get.


Thanks @AirHawk that makes sense. I see a lot of Bera now on the leaderboards too. I’ll keep all the emblems on Alfrike also for VF tourneys and wars :slight_smile:

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Between the two of them, your roster is the determining factor. What heroes do you have that could compliment each?

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Thanks @King_Kyree77

Currently running
Mags-n+17, white rabbit+12, Bera+18, JF, Lianna+18

Other options
Purple: alfrike+16
Yellow: sif+9
Red: Lady Loki+6 or Santa +6

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