Bera or freya tank?

I read some other stuff on forum, still not sure. At tank and maxed emblems. Seems like bera is the pick? I wld be pulling emblems from Cjoon and vela. Obv vela is the choice. But i want the best tank…Please share any opinions. My d options wld be frigg, finley, white rabbit, gm, csartana(she wouldnt be in) garnet and mica. All maxed. Leaning toward this…


Thanks in advance

I would tank with Freya but what do you think about
Finley - Gravemaker - Frigg - Vela - White Rabbit?

Frigg is a very good tank and the team would be pretty solid.


Yeah love frigg at tank. My alliance is going to be switching to purple thats why. For Raid d. Finley-gm-Frigg-Wr-sartana is an option… i def want to move away from vela.

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I just got my alliance to switch to Purple tanks! I’m testing Kunchen now. I try Bera and Freya as well. See in

Telluria/Vela nerfed! Ok, where do we go from here? Part 1 (Tanks)

Keep us posted how Freya/Bera works out! FYI - Ran in to a maxed Zulag with +30 troops in last war at tank! She was a beast!


Yeah everything i can see is bera is better for defense. Will let u know. And yes zulag totaly maxed out is a tough customer.

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Freya tank, Bera flank. Freya has a better ability between the two for a tank and her family bonus ability just compliments those abilities. Bera is better suited as a flanking hero if you decide to put her on defense at all.


Yeah after alot of reading and watching i think i am now leaning freya. And can use velas emblems. And keep Cjoon emblems on him. Im just looking for a tank at this moment. Thanks!

In my experience Bera is the tougher proposition. Freya as tank invites all sorts of anti minion counters like Skadi, Grimble, Noor, even Gefjon to a lesser extent. There is little harm in dumping tiles into her until you get enough matches to charge up and start taking out the dangerous heroes - in fact Freya’s most dangerous trait is when I accidentally kill her and she cuts my mana. Bera is less pleasant to dump tiles into, firstly for the poision and secondly she will try to shut down your own minion attack. I find I have to be a lot more strategic with how I take her out, and I try to take her out first vs last, despite the mana cut.

My team is Grimble, Noor, Gefjon, Grazul & Lady Loki/G Falcon, so kind of tailored anti minion and anti DOT. I don’t know how much more effective Bera would be than Freya against a less specialised team.

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Damn, makes sense. Haha. Sweet team you have there!

Thanks! I tend to hunt out teams with at least 2 summoners, usually Seshat and Tel, because that gives me an advantage. But any chance to face Freya or Bera I jump at as I find the minion showdowns quite fun. What some people have started doing is protecting their strong minion makes with a Skadi, which is quite clever. It makes those matchups tougher, but even more enjoyable.

I’ll make some videos of Freya and Bera match-ups - hopefully at tank - to share through the day


Freya has the upper hand IMO. When she goes off she makes the entire team harder to kill with her defense buff, and her hearty minions are just icing on top.

Another consideration is there aren’t a lot of (good) 5* druids, so competition for emblems is smaller with Freya, whereas competition for monk emblems is fierce (Joon, Drake, Jabber, Tarlak, Skadi). So if you take Bera to +20, you’re making sacrifices elsewhere.


You are all making good points. Ahhhhh :thinking::thinking:

Pretty hard to find bera or freya tanks. Here are a few freya matchups I came across today. The last one is a double as I had to retry… I think it was winnable the first time but I made some mistakes


@Homaclese Nice! Thanks for that. One of those freya skadi teams. Sounds like you are multitasking haha

Ah wait let me edit the last one haha

I have been using Freya (+18) intensively for a long time because I had it from the beginning (I have two max) and in fact I have her on the front line in raids like Tanks and in wars Left wing and I am completely satisfied with her!
Believe me it is very strong !!
So even if I start writing about her, it will end up in an exhibition where I will become graphic

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Freya tank seems to be viable enough as you are struggling with such a good board.

Which one…?

Im still up in the air but bottom line, freya can get velas emblems period

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